White Supremacists Are Ugly

In this week's Heart of Gaming, Leon Thomas reacts to playing three terribly racist computer games.

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CaptCalvin2301d ago

I know "African-American" is supposed to be the politically correct thing to say but, how often do we hear people calling white people "Caucasian?" Why is it okay to call white people white people but not okay to call black people black people? What's wrong with the color black? Why should it be considered derogatory? I say black people SHOULD be offended when people insist on calling them "African American."

KeiserSosay47882301d ago

I agree. It's completely retarded. By that logic, all whites should be referred to as European- Americans.

deep_fried_bum_cake2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

There's nothing wrong with calling black people black. Just about every black person doesn't care, they've been raised to be proud of their race.

The problem is with the idiots who don't want to offend black people. People are so squeemish about it that they will call any black person african-american, even if they aren't american, because they don't know what to say that isn't black and think black will offend.

On topic, I'm really surprised that there's actually a game called ethnic cleansing.

ATi_Elite2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Black People don't mind being called BLACK.

Just don't say "YOU Black people" then you may start to enter that area where you may get beat down.

Afican-American, Black is OK!

COLORED People is NOT OK unless your like 100 years old and have lived in Mississippi or Alabama your whole life then you get a culture pass.

and for Gamers sake NEVER EVER say the "N" word no matter how many times your favorite rapper says it.

Blacks saying it to each other in private is OK but any of us saying it in public is kinda ignorant and for non blacks to use it is down out right stupid even if you grew up in the "Hood" and ate "Collard greens" and "cheesy grits" your whole life and mean no harm when saying it. Just don't do it. it's a proper edicate thing.

Oh No one cares about white Supremacist! They usually are Poor White uneducated trash who are looked down upon by even other whites who themselves see white supremacist as just poor white uneducated trash.

you would be a fool to judge someone by just their skin color and not the content and integrity of their character and heart.

newn4gguy2301d ago

"Black" is fine. Not every black person is from Africa, so "African American" is incorrect. Many black people are from Haiti. Many are from the Middle East. Many are from various other countries. :)

It's ok to call white people "crackers" because they're white and aren't allowed to be offended. Same with Christians.