Sexy BoothBabe Compilation 2007

Dutch Gaming website shows the funniest, coolest and best looking Boothbabes, seen on the Games Convention (Germany) and GamePlay (Netherlands) 2007 game events, in this hot and sexy Boothbabe compilation video. Watch and enjoy!

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Bor3445d ago

... are nicer in Europe, don't you guys think?
(Especially The Netherlands ;)).

Anego Montoya FTMFW3445d ago

there everywhere.

North America/Europe/Asia/Spain everywhere.

it called genetic modification.


fablex3445d ago

Well i couldn't judge well, cause I'm European. I don't really know what's it like in the States. But there are a 'big-load';) of pretty girls here. Especially Denmark, Netherlands, Swizz, Poland and Russia!

All the girls from US that you see in movies and music clips on TV are pretty nice either. But people in Europe rumour that if you are in America there is a huge minority of (fat) overweight lady's.

Syko3445d ago

@fablex - Rumor over here in the States is you guys still don't have dentists. =P

fablex3445d ago

Well if that's what they say ;). But we (practically must) go to the dentist twice a year. And most of us brush our teeth twice a day ;). So i don't see why there saying that :D

Bor3445d ago

... this was about Boothbabes, but eventually everything turns out to relate to the dentist.

Syko3445d ago

LMAO, Lotta UK peeps reading this story huh...where are all my State side UK bashers? =(

You won this time fablex...I'll get you next time. lol

Stapler3445d ago

I live near Montreal and lets just say I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else ;)

Anego Montoya FTMFW3445d ago

i glad someone knows what i`m talkin about.

Montreal FTMFW

Pronkov3445d ago

Girls are nice in every continent. Europe, Asia, United States. You have beautiful woman everywhere, and that also counts for ugly woman.

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mauricedb893445d ago

A very good video with a lot of good looking babes and fantastic music!

Bor3445d ago

and 'under-skirts' filming :P

Pronkov3445d ago

see anything really. But yeah it's a bit under de skirts of the lady's.

Stinus3444d ago

but I don't think they'd like it when someone is trying to look underneath their skirts. This is the maximum you can get, a little further and they wouldn't be able to publish it (for the younger gamers amongst us)

ionace3445d ago

if there's one things fanboys dont have to argue about, its hot boothbabes :)

SmokeyMcBear3445d ago

well sony had the better boothbabes... err sorry sorry.. coudlnt help myself

Egamer3445d ago

Wow, those are hot :D

Stinus3445d ago

And especially the camera-angle is nice ;)

Wizzl had very nice ones too... :)

Bor3445d ago

i love that camera angle as well ;).

I totally digg that Xbox 360 girl, with the names on her 'but' (dancing).

fablex3445d ago

camera angle is indeed very pleasant.

And I agree with Welkers, that girl is smoking hot! But she can't really dance!

Maddens Raiders3445d ago

I love my South Padre Island, Texas girls. They're so much fun!!! 8D

Pronkov3445d ago

Nice dancing video Maddens :D But i hate the low quality of YouTube, wondering when they coming up with something better?

Stapler3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Try , it's a nice upgrade ;)

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