IGN E3 2012 - The 17-minute Last of US Demo

The Last of Us made quite the impression this week when it closed out PlayStation's E3 press conference with a dramatic seven-minute demo. So, I was a bit disappointed when Naughty Dog started the same demo behind closed doors. That is, until the seven-minute runthrough blossomed into a 17-minute showcase. While Naughty Dog focused on beating the hell out of people head-on at the Sony show, it turns out you can tackle The Last of Us in a number of different ways.

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Nitrowolf22231d ago

Okay that's funny.I didn't even notice that, but that movie poster was a joke about Twilight
" In the conference demo, Ellie references a movie poster for "Dawn of the Wolf," and Joel blows past it. In the behind closed doors demo, he doesn’t. Instead he stops and has a conversation about it. Naughty Dog told me that these moments are there for gamers who want more of the story -- who want to get to know these characters. In this instance, Ellie asks Joel if the girl gets "gutted" at the end, and Joel scoffs, telling her it's a "dumb teen movie."

GribbleGrunger2231d ago

ah, so that was why the triangle was there with the message 'interact'

user54670072231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I thought it was just a joke about Dawn of the Dead....wouldn't you think they would of called it Wolf-light or something along those lines if they were taking the mic out of Twilight.

theWB272231d ago

They had a title Twilight Breaking take the dawn and it has wolves in it too. As long as they say some dumb teen movie then people would get it.

deep_fried_bum_cake2231d ago

The title is definitely written in the style of Dawn of the Dead but the conversation seems to be making fun of Twilight.

bronxsta2230d ago

I read in some other previews that Joel's response may imply that he lost a teenage daughter, thus his strong protective relationship with Ellie.

When she asks him who dragged him to see the dumb teen flick, he brushes her off, avoiding the question and saying they have to keep moving.

DFogz2230d ago

Ellie does make the comment that "These posters are everywhere". I'd be willing to bet that they'll be a collectable of some sorts, and with each subsequent poster you interact with you'll learn more about that particular side of Joel.

I do hope they do something narrative with those posters rather than just chalk it up as a rip on Twilight/homage to Dawn of the Dead.

Shane Kim2230d ago

Why would one make fun of Dawn of the dead? It's an epic movie.

At least the 78 version.

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ExCest2231d ago

Interestinger and interestinger...

Subzero2002231d ago

hey ign fix your fucking downloads, and whats the point of posting this if NOBODY CAN GET IT.

WildArmed2231d ago

I'm sorry, we try our best. Sometimes during peak times, the server crashes or becomes unresponsive.

So please pardon us if it goes down sometimes, we try our best to keep it up 24/7.

Spydiggity2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

wtf is this? who are you?

pardon "us?"

duplissi2229d ago

completely reasonable, doncha think?

smashcrashbash2231d ago

So even while you are hurt and trying to fix your wounds bad guys are still coming? So that means that you won't be able to get over damage just by standing behind things and waiting for the damage to go away. You actually have to fix it. I wonder what happens if you don't. do you bleed out until you are dead? Do you have problems moving and reacting? does your health bar slowly drain away until you fix it. And what about Ellie? What happens if she is damaged? Do you have to fix her too? Also I told people it could go other ways. It was obvious.

Xandet2231d ago

Very true. Leave it to Naughty Dog to breathe some life into the long-dead survival genre.

inveni02230d ago


Erection achieved.

sikbeta2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Dudes, old school no regenerating health bars like it used to be, f*king awesome right there, scarce amo and you choose how to play, either stealth or blasting your way, Game is AMAZING! oh... and what Nimblest said below, the girl is not some dumb AI that stand there doing nothing, she helps you and doesn't need to be saved every freaking sec... even more AMAZING!

Nimblest-Assassin2231d ago

They said the game would not be a long escort mission, and Ellie could take care of herself... but I wonder if she can get hurt.

Also I don't think there is a bleed out... the demo didn't have health slowly degenerating... but Joel was in pretty decent shape by the end of the e3 demo we saw.

I really like you can tackle the enemy in different ways... I really want to see what it is like to fight against the infected... those things move really fast...

Also they talk about helpful factions? Could that mean that you get to join a faction?

The game looks amazing and its one of the 4 games I am excited for after e3

Watch Dogs

mamotte2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I Am worried about something related. The game look greats and all, I cant deny it, but the gameplay sometimes give me horrible flashbacks like "take care of Ashley, Leon"

Hopefully ND will be the first ones to give us well done scort missions... or competent partners.

Biggest2230d ago

I wonder why "It's not an escort mission" makes you still talk about escort missions. . .

GarandShooter2230d ago

Yeah, Ellie clubbing the one dude with a brick she picked up in an earlier room and knifing the guy on top of Joel in the back totally tells me I'm going to be spoon feeding her and changing her diaper while playing as Joel.

younglj012231d ago

Damn I wish I was lucky enough too be at E3 too see that footage...

JKelloggs2230d ago

You could of easily watched it online, like thousands of other people :)

ginsunuva2230d ago

No, the extra 10 minutes of extended demo only shown to the press.

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