'The Last of Us' isn't about monsters but humanity

After seeing the trailer for The Last of Us during Sony's presentation last night (you should really watch it if you haven't!) we had to get another taste of the action — and Naughty Dog didn't disappoint. We had an opportunity this week to watch an alternative play through of the very same level, played very differently.

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Virtual_Reality2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I want to see how they are programming the AI, is really impressive.

Also, any word about a Coop or multiplayer mode?

Lol, did you guys saw this gif:

Sevir2235d ago

That Gif made me Laugh!!!!!!!!

kent800820072234d ago

LOL "Wonderbook!"

But then I do have faith in Sony, hope they will focus more on vita and move, there're enough things to be excited about on PS3 already

ps. I don't see myself enjoying wonderbook, but I sure can imagine children asking their parents to buy it in walmart after seeing the demo

JellyJelly2235d ago

"'The Last of Us' isn't about monsters but humanity."

So it's kinda like Dark Souls eh? ;)

banjadude2235d ago

Obligatory: "So the world might be mended"

reznik_zerosum2234d ago

this looks so generic and unoriginal i cant believe people are so over-hyped.

Veneno2234d ago

I can understand your sentiment but overall you're wrong. Sony is ever so slightly revealing little by little of tlou. We omly saw a teeny tiny bit of the game and there were no huge set piece action movie moments, but the reaskn for that is because tje game is setfor 2013 and not this year. They will show more parts of the game until releases. It will get better and better. I remember watching the first trailer and thinking aww man another zkmbie game? And now im totally hyped for the game.

DigitalRaptor2232d ago

"It will get better and better"

It already is better than this reznik_zerosum guy thinks, because let's face it... he's only watched the minimal videos for this game and doesn't understand the overall context or breadth this game has.

Of course it looks generic and boring to him because everything is meant to be realistic and natural, but of course he doesn't understand that and would rather call it an "overhyped piece of crap" or something along those lines.