Wii U Only Has 8 Gigabytes of Internal Storage?

Looks like you might have to rely on SD cards or External Harddrives if you want to add more gigabytes.

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ChickeyCantor2173d ago

Thats okay. I have 2 terrabyte lying around.

zeal0us2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

2 tb sd cards or USB flash drives?

I hope to the gaming gods that Nintendo got some kind of online storage in the works. This move seems like it will hold developers back when it comes to DLC.

I can see Capcom now using storage as scapegoat to push their on-disc dlc agenda when it comes to the WiiU.

I wasn't thinking when the article said USB's totally forgot about portable harddrives.

ChickeyCantor2173d ago

"This move seems like it will hold developers back when it comes to DLC. "

I dont see how. External harddrives are cheap and everyone probably already has one.

also it's a HDD

T9002173d ago

Nintendo are officially on whack and are doing everything in their power to ensure their next console flops.

In todays day and age not including a HD in the Machine is suicidal.

Hisiru2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

What planet do you live on?

Xbox 360 slim was released with 4GBs of internal storage. The original x360 was released with no harddrive at all. And yet, youre acting as if Nintendo will die just because they are incluinding 8GBs in their next console.

External harddrives are really cheap nowadays.

Also, we don't even know if there will be more WiiU versions (with different sizes of internal storage).

I love this site but people here are so biased, this site is full of fanboys. I wonder why we can't live together and play some games, have fun like in the past. It's really sad.

mcstorm2173d ago

@Hisiru that was well put. I find it funny that people now have the mine is better than yours attitude.

I buy what I like and what fits into my life not what everyone tells me I should own. I see Nintendo doing a 8Gb and a 250GB version of the WiiU as they will market one for core and none core.

T9002173d ago


Are you retarded? times have changed, this is next gen we are talking about. The trend has gone toward DLCs, Patches, Media on HDD etc. Nintendo needs to keep up.

Even when MS released a 4Gig Xbox in the market there were other varients on market with high capacity HDs. Even then its surprising you are comparing a budget based MS product against full blown 8th gen Nintendo console, How would MS or Sony fair launching a new console with no HDD. It would be a masacre.

I think its clumsy to have External HDs hanging around all the time. I certainly hope Nintendo do announce versions with Internal HDDs, until they do i would think Nintendo are axeing their own feet.

Hisiru2173d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Yup, times have changed but you people, dont. This article is RUMOR and we don't even have confirmation if Nintendo is going to launch a separete 320GBs version or something like that. How can you say bad things about any company basing your opinion on rumors/incomplete info and lack of knowledge (we still don't know what Nintendo really plans for the WiiU launch)? Am I really the retarded one here?

I would like to ask you something:
Do you have any inside information about the WiiU launch? Because youre acting as if it's impossible for them to launch a 250/320GBs version. Seriously. I can't even understand your logic. We still need to wait for official confirmation.

Yeah my friend, unfortunately it's all about fanboyism now. People forgot what gaming is for.

tigertron2172d ago

@ Hisiru

You do realise that the original 360 came out in 2005, right? times have changed. Games and customers need large HDDs. The Wii U should come with a good sized HDD, theres no denying that.

AtomicGerbil2172d ago


Just wow! Commenting on a rumour is now considered fanboyism is it. So, those people who genuinely think that Nintendo may be making some strange decisions have to keep quiet now? Have you thought that some of them might be Nintendo fans that are starting to feel let down?

I'd like to think that Nintendo can't be that backward and not release a version with a HDD. External drives are all handy but not everyone will want to lay out another £50 for storage, especially since the prices are higher than they used to be.

modesign2172d ago

hisiru, i hope you remember back in 2005 there was very little DLC, demos, extras, downloadables for consoles back in 2005, if nintendo is hoping to service the next 5-10 yrs, they are going to need the support of 3rd party, and to make a console with 2gb will only drive developers to sony,microsoft. why do you think nintendo stock keeps plummeting ever since there conference, even there shareholders dont have much faith in the wiiu

M83_2172d ago


I don't. And I don't want one hanging off my console either. Why can't they just stick a cheep 60GB hdd in at least? I doubt it would be much more expensive than an 8GB flash ssd?

*might even be cheaper considering flash is always more expensive

Hisiru2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Commenting on rumor is a normal thing, but attacking a company basing your arguments on rumors and incomplete information (as I said before we still don't have official announcement if they will just use 8GBs version or if they will launch another version) is fanboyism. You guys obviously want to downplay the WiiU before it's even out, which is sad. I can't believe you guys are real gamers. I can't wish bad things for any company or attack them before I have official information, there is no logic.

"Why can't they just stick a cheep 60GB hdd in at least?"
But there is no official information saying they won't do that... You guys are making assumptions basing on this article (which is rumor) alone.

But yes, if it's officialy confirmed to be the only WiiU version available on the market, then I will complain.

hellztourguide4202172d ago

Ummm...Microsoft and sony charge like an extra hundred bucks for larger storage. For $100 i could get a 2tb external and never have to worry about memory. I would much rather buy my own hard drive. It leaves more options open to fit what people need.

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Godmars2902173d ago

Provided it allows external HDDs.

Waddy1012172d ago

It does, i just checked the spec sheet on the nintendo press website.

shoddy2172d ago

Well it better than 4gb of internal storage.

dark-hollow2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

thats why i hate blind fanboyism.
even though am an extreme Nintendo fanboy but when they make the wrong decisions i will call them out.

not including an HDD is a terrible idea!
ok so they want to reduce cost, but why then dont offer a cheap SKU without HDD and a little bit more expensive SKU with an HDD.

yes, i can buy any HDD i want, and i applause them for doing this, but at least offer the option of having the HDD already with the console.

that, and i lot of clueless consumers will wonder why their shitty cheap HDD is so slow and blame it on the console.

miyamoto2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

For the benefit of the doubt...

Some fans here say HDD are cheap now so why won't Nintendo include a decent HDD specially for down loadable HD games from Nintendo Network?

Are they following M$ model again?

Or are SD cards or HDD are mandatory additional purchase for Wii U?

I have nothing against external memory in fact I like it.

Kur02173d ago

This is absolute stupidity from Nintendo. They would make much more from digital sales if people had more space. They would make no money from people buying SD cards unless they came out with peripheral hard drives and such.

Redempteur2172d ago

i'm confused as well .. First they go toward online ( and that means patches, dlc AND MEDIA content since they even have a deal with amazon video for their services..
Either nintendo is stupid or this rumour is fake .

8gb is clearly not enough regardless of online or not

NYC_Gamer2173d ago

Nintendo should have went the hard drive route

eagle212173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

This is a rumor first of all, cause it might be SD cards are extremely inexpensive and at least you can choose anyone you want. Apple can charge $499 for 16GB and no usb in 2012 but Nintendo can allow you to use any SD card or USB you want but get flak for it??

Sometimes hard drives can get so messed up your system bricks (trust me it happened to me). Nintendo avoided this.

iamnsuperman2173d ago

"Nintendo’s Wii U? A fractional 8GB of flash storage. Isn’t that a problem?

It would be, if the Wii U didn’t support storage upgrades, much as Microsoft did with its original no-hard-drive Xbox 360 or currently does with its entry-level 4GB model. Word is Nintendo will allow you to grow the Wii U’s storage via flash memory sticks or external hard drives via USB (the system has four USB ports). As a functional sticking point, therefore, it isn’t one."

I hope this isn't true. It would be a bad move. Limits online downloads.

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