PC Gaming: E3′s Dirty Little Secret

RockPaperShotgun writes: "It’s a bit odd to cover E3 with a PC-focused slant. Initially, I felt horrifically out of place roaming the LA Convention Center’s banner-plastered halls. The Kratoses and Master Chiefs of the world leered at me from their billowing sky perches, and I longed for the warm embrace of, say, a game about embracing people – as Rambo. Xbox controllers and PlayStation pads contorted showgoers’ hands into unnatural, vice-like claws, and I could only grasp feebly for a mouse that failed to materialize."

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geth1gh2173d ago

I noticed this too from the nvidia haf x case they had it hooked up to. Soo messed up. From the color scheme this could be easily confused with a development 360 from the unknowing consumer (majority of console users). Should be illegal.

Christopher2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Been happening for years.

Edit: Should note, not all third-party titles were running on PCs. AC3 on Ubisoft and Sony stages were running on PS3s, just to note. Not that they were 'mind blowing' graphics, but they were being run on PS3s.