Why Dead Space 3 is My Most Disappointing Game of E3 2012

- Aaron writes
When the Dead Space launched on October 13th 2008, it impressed a lot of people, because for once survival horror was coming back in a good way. It’s what Resident Evil 5 should have been which was released a few months later on March 13th 2009. Dead Space had a lot of influence at the time for creating its horror, the biggest one being the film Alien and this shows with the tight corridors with the flashing lights, the build of tension and scares. It was my favourite game of 2008 and I believed that this franchise could be the next big IP in the survival horror genre.

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mistajeff2142d ago

I'm not writing it off yet, because they said that when you're not playing co-op, the other character doesn't appear with you as an AI partner (which alters cutscenes as well). Definitely a smart move on their part.