The Halo 4 Warthog up close and personal at E3 [SideQuesting]

Dali Dimovski of writes: "We know how Master Chief arrived at E3 this year, and it wasn’t via digital download. Stationed at the Microsoft booth in front of the Halo 4 area was a replica Warthog from the series, painted in a grayish-green hue reminiscent of the Master’s own armor.

Have a look at what you’ll be firing bullets from the back of this Fall in our gallery."

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2111d ago
NightMystic2111d ago

Damn that's some impressive work

MasterD9192111d ago

Looks fantastic but I want to see one in action...

hazelamy2111d ago

is that the one Weta build for the abandoned Halo movie?

and that looks like more of a dayglo green to me.

kewlrats2111d ago

It's the E3 lighting playing tricks, actually. :)