David Cage on Beyond: “we tried to create something completely different”

David Cage has said that Quantic Dream “tried to create something completely different” with Beyond: Two Souls, making something far more organic than most videogames and taking players on an emotional journey in the process.

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TheFinalEpisode2265d ago

Originality like his is something the industry needs more of.

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NastyLeftHook02265d ago

I remember i bought Heavy Rain on a whim, I had no idea what to expect, As soon as i had put the game in i saw the rich detail and value of its genre on how the entire system is played out on an emotional perspective and how much it can really evoke out of you.

The entire game is marvelous in the entire vibe it gives you, the sound is top notch, The story is undeniable intense, the emotional roller coaster ride bad me want more titles from Quantic Dream, So i picked up Indingo Prophecy, and it was brilliant as well.

And now comes Beyond...

Ace_Pheonix2265d ago

I'm going to love Beyond, no doubt about it. I loved Heavy Rain, and this is definitely more of the same. But with that said, I am a little bummed that the user interface is exactly the same. Throughout the gameplay video that leaked, it was Heavy Rain in a new skin. Again, not really a bad thing, I was just hoping to see the gameplay progress a little more. And hopefully I will see that it has, since that was only a 20 minute demonstration.

TLG19912264d ago

heavy rain was an instant pre order for me when i heard about it i was so hyped, and when it came i was completely blown away so much so i couldn't put it down and completed it in one sitting on day 1 (which was actually the day before release date i love online pre orders :D) so there is no doubt in my mind i am get this as soon as it is released.