Quality Over Quantity – Sony’s E3 2012 Press Conference

Poptimal's Desiree Neall delves deep into the Sony Press Conference to see what works and what falls flat.

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projectJenova2108d ago

Sony won this year e3 again
the last of us probably will get the most e3 awards and strong contender for GOTY

Beyond 2 souls + epic storytelling + david cage = nuff said

battle royale...all ps fans can FINALY choose their fave characters and smashed each other and not just that but 3rd partys studios are invovled too...bioshock big daddy is one of them.

GOW:A nothing changed but its kratos and gamers loves kratos

wondercrapbook + JK rowling = mil of sales for the families and the potter fans,we hardcores might not like it or laugh at it but most of us know that JK rowling deal is HUGE and will sales ALOT.

few stuff from sony but GOOD stuff for the hardcore gamers
unlike M$ who completely forgot their hardcore audience and say "just give them another halo and gear so the ycan shut up so we can focus on kids with more hello kitty kinect products"

sony got the best deals from ubisoft unlike the other 2
far cry 3 exclusive content-dlc only for ps3
ac3 exclusive content-dlc only for ps3
a stand alone assassins creed game only for sony handled and for the first time with female character as protagonist

winner ?