Behind Closed Doors With David Cage And Quantic Dream's "Beyond"

TSA: "What we saw at the Sony Press Conference looked incredibly similar to Heavy Rain – the demo had a deliberately slow pacing, one that eventually lead to an unexpected amount of destruction.

It may not have been the best way to showcase the game but it was certainly impressive. And then I had a chance to see Beyond behind closed doors. My mind was blown."

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Draperc2262d ago

There's a 23 minute video of gameplay on youtube.
For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here it is.

younglj012262d ago

alot of 3rd party studios have something too prove now on this-gen Playstation.I was amazed how good everything looked in real-time.The water effects and facial expression was unreal.

MrDead2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Wow, thanks for posting that got it gave me a good feel of the gameplay. Those cops are going all out to catch her.

ABizzel12262d ago

Awww. A tad bit disappointed it plays like Heavy Rain, I should have expected it, but I was hoping for normal controls.

Oh well, the only thing I hope they drop is holding R2 to walk, that was an awful decision.

smashcrashbash2262d ago

Sounds awesome. I am glad to hear the scenes are even more interactive

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theWB272262d ago

Loved the video, liked Heavy Rain even though the controls sometimes got in the way. Hopefully they don't make too much of a chore and let us enjoy the sequences without focusing more on an on-screen prompt.

Bathyj2262d ago

What impressed me the most about the presentation was David Cages's obvious passion. This is why the top devs are the top devs. They LOVE this sh*t. They'd rather be making great games than being rock stars or elite athletes.

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