Beyond: Two Souls Will Push The Boundaries Of What Videogames Can Do

MediaKick: "Games from Quantic Dream and director David Cage never go unnoticed. His highly cinematic adventures are often called interactive stories instead of games, and titles from Quantic Dream are often disputed over for their use of language, dialog, gameplay mechanics, and even visual style. Beyond: Two Souls does nothing to change that perspective on the company or Cage, but it does push the boundaries for the medium while still using many of the tricks utilized in the studio’s previous success, Heavy Rain."

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dangert122175d ago

Getting the game looks great, but stop over hyping it.

SnakeCQC2175d ago

qd did choices and consequences better in heavy rain than bioware did over the entire m.e. series when they hype i believe them in nothing like the molyneux hype

Zefros2175d ago

If the game is as good as heavy rain i will buy it day one!

bahabeast2175d ago

this sounds like something really special here, i think sony shud buy this company.

Mustang300C20122175d ago

Yes that makes sense because they didn't just close down companies that they own.

CGI-Quality2175d ago

I'm not sure you make much sense. Zipper being the only company to clse their doors, and because their games weren't pulling their weight. Quantic Dream on the other hand, has no such issue.

Mustang300C20122175d ago

It makes sense when you are talking about a company that is losing money, restructuring and consolidating. That company isn't looking to buy studios. No gurantee Beyond will be a commercial success and I doubt the company wants to be bought.

Hicken2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

You know how scientists do research before they make a claim that might sound ridiculous? It prevents them from looking like fools.

It helps if normal people do that, too.

Edit: And Cage has said before he'd be open to being bought by Sony. Additionally, the gaming division is the one area they have the most confidence in; therefore, it's the one area they're likely to spend more money in, instead of cutting back.

steve30x2175d ago

How many times over the past two years have we heard that a game will push the boundaries of what games will do?

bahabeast2175d ago

onli 3 times, skyrim, heavy rain, this game

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