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gamrReview: "Survival is our first instinct, and watching The Last of Us immediately pulled me into a desperate, edge-of-my-seat disposition. This is a game I hadn’t seen before, and between the gorgeous graphics, dynamic AI, visceral, heavy combat, and powerful storytelling the feel of the game is wholly unique. If you’re looking for the biggest surprise of the show, look no further. This isn’t just another zombie game, or another Uncharted game. The Last of Us is the survival game I never knew I wanted, but now can hardly wait for."

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Machina-AX2230d ago

Looks simply amazing, such a relief to hear it's not scripted.

Thatguy-3102230d ago

The last of us is going to change the survival genre like uncharted change the action/adventure one.

Neckbear2230d ago

You mean for the worse?

Thatguy-3102230d ago

You can't really blame uncharted if other games cant pull off what the series has perfected.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32230d ago

Why would anyone think what they saw with The Last of Us was scripted? Scripted is when the game takes control away from the player to show different interactions and events going on in the game. There is also a hybrid version, were a game will queue a button push that triggers the viewing of something else happening somewhere else; like a plane crash or point of interest for a destination...

bronxsta2230d ago


By scripted, they mean that certain moments had to happen at specific times, like when the guy attacks Joel with the wood plank and chokes you

SilentNegotiator2230d ago

I don't know about "redefine", I mean, we've seen this sort of thing (like 'I Am Alive' - yeah, yeah, I know that game kinda stunk, but that isn't the point).

But it certainly looks to bring the genre to its prime.

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bmw692230d ago

I really wasn't that impressed - looks like Uncharted 4 to me

Runa2162230d ago

You're aware that almost sounds like a contradiction if not for the fact that you're entitled to your opinion. Uncharted has been consistently great, comparing this to that is a huge compliment!

Machina-AX2230d ago

I dunno, might just be me, but to hear that the E3 demo really wasn't scripted... wow, this has more potential than Uncharted ever did imo.

SilentNegotiator2230d ago

Except that isn't his "opinion", he's just trolling it up and saying anything negative about PlayStation/Sony he can think of, as usual. For an "opinion", you have to actually understand what you're talking about (eg actually have PLAYED an Uncharted game).

Bathyj2230d ago

And a mandarin looks like an orange, but its isnt.

The only way it looks like Uncharted is in the graphics, which look different anyway.

And if you're going to have a yardstick for graphics, you cant do better than Uncharted on a console.

BitbyDeath2230d ago

Uncharted 4 meets Silent Hill

Runa2162230d ago

Damn I wish to all hell I could have gotten a chance to play this!

Kantor2230d ago

This looks fantastic, and I only wish that it were launching this year. It's at the top of my "most anticipated" list.

WolfLeBlack2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

The biggest concern now is that it'll become yet another victim on overhyping, where people just build it up so much in their minds that it just can't do anything but disapoint, even if it's a great game. Likewise the media seem to be building it massively.

Hopefully that won't be the case here.

DigitalAnalog2230d ago

If you read the comments, there is a lot more skepticism then "overhyping". Heck, even the positive reactions have no clue what the game is still all about.

WolfLeBlack2230d ago

To be honest, this is one of the only times I've actually see a negative reaction toward the game. Every other time people have been screaming its name from the top of hills :D

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