Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man |

Yesterday, Steve Wright headed into Activision Blizzard’s preview space and had the chance to sit down with Dee Brown of Beenox to see a hands-off preview of The Amazing Spider-Man.

According to Dee, this new movie-tie in was as much as reboot for the Beenox Spider-Man games as it was for Universal’s movie franchise. “We went to the guys and I said, ‘Let’s rethink Spider-Man. Give us something that’s completely fresh’,” said Brown. According to him, this new game is the Beenox answer to his challenge.

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Bercilak2206d ago

"Reversion back" is like "close proximity" or "mass exodus": it's a pleonasm (look it up). Think of it this way, does one ever revert forward?

As for the game, I'm looking forward to it.

Tdmd2206d ago

‘Let’s rethink Spider-Man. Give us something that’s completely fresh’

Oh I know! Bring Rhino in and make spider dodge he's attacks! :)

DestinyHeroDoomlord2205d ago

Wonder how many villians will make an appearance?