Microsoft, Molyneux question Wii U GamePad

"How much can you look up and down between the screens?"

For Nintendo, the Wii U and its GamePad controller usher in a new era for design and play - but Xbox maker Microsoft and developer legend Peter Molyneux aren't convinced.

The Wii U comes with a touchscreen controller that can be used to display additional information, such as maps and inventory, and to new gameplay options, such as dragging with your finger to impact the action on the big screen.

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Godmars2902144d ago

He and MS have officially parted ways - why is he still being connected to them?

If the man manages to get his mojo back he's going back to the Xbox?

user54670072144d ago

He has a point, looking up and down consistently when playing a game will get really annoying

It's going to be worse if your playing a game like ZombiU and you need to keep checking your inventory on the Game Pad especialy when zombies are always going to be on the move to get you. What about if you need to switch weapons or grab a key item when zombies are tyring to burst through the door and there you fiddling around not taking notice at the TV trying to decide what weapon to pick.

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Godmars2902144d ago

Except, as far as Molyneux is concerned, you know he'd do a complete 180 if it were either MS us this tech or him making a game.

iamnsuperman2144d ago

I dunno. He was very critical of Microsoft on Gametrailers about this smart glass thing (he even questioned the better with kinect thing on the show). On the other hand if he was involved in it then sure he would be working his PR bull

user54670072144d ago

Well not now...he probably dosen't give a crap about MS anymore since he left.

mamotte2144d ago

I dont know... do your neck stress while texting and then looking at the screen to see if you're doing it right? I mean, is really a big problem? Do the WiiU put weight in our heads? I'm very bad with my keyboard, so I have to see it to write. I just have to move my eyes to do it and check the screen. Even if you move your neck, it wont be that much, it's not like the TV is on the ceiling and the control between your knees.

Oh, and about your comment about ZombieU... really? I mean, really? Imagine you're in a zombie invasion, need to search for a gun in a cop's dead body... do you really think zombies will pause their movements while you search? Or will you search magically without taking your eyes apart from the zombies? Come on, It'll make you think fast, be prepared to anything that pop outs in the TV screen, it'll make you go nuts while trying to figure out how to fight the zombie... it'll be harder, exciting, and terrific. I thought "hardcore gaming" was something like that. It seems I was wrong, hardcore means pausing the games while you search your pockets and having a magic fairy which cures you when weak.

I dont know if people stressing about it -and the 180 degrees neck movement- are exaggerated, or the laziest people in the world.

user54670072144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

"do you really think zombies will pause their movements while you search? Or will you search magically without taking your eyes apart from the zombies?"

Except while I'm looking I'll be focusing more on the bag, getting what I need since I know what I would want not trying to choose on screen and then I would get the hell out of there

Seriously's a video game, reality would be totaly differen't.

Fragger2k82144d ago

With a game like ZombiU, having to take your focus off of the main screen as you're looking through your bag could actually add to the overall experience. It is supposed to be a game about trying to survive, afterall.

You think you're safe, so you take a minute to open up your bag to go through your inventory, maybe wanting to grab a med pack, maybe a pistol, or some ammo. So you're looking down at your WiiU controller (your bag/inventory) looking for the item you want, but you're constantly worried about having a zombie sneak up on you while you're in the middle of doing this. So, you're hurrying, going back and forth between looking at your inventory and the game screen to make sure you don't get caught of guard. You look back down to go through your bag again, but you do it at just the wrong time.. You don't notice the zombie approaching out of your view, and now you're a goner.

I think it will work well with games done in this style, and I would really love to see more games do things like this. It sure beats going through a menu that pops up right in front of your face, pausing the game at the same time.

Some games, yes, it could be a slight annoyance in, but I could never see it as being game breaking, so it's no big deal. But a game about surviving, it really is a great fit.

DivineAssault 2144d ago

it can work both ways.. I dont know if u played castlevania SOTN before but pausing to look at the map sucks.. It works well for HUDs, Maps, etc but it doesnt warrant buying another current gen machine.. I think nintendo will do no better than gamecube did

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Hufandpuf2144d ago

I had the same question. I dont want to be straining my neck constantly. And if I'm correct, most of the games use the controller in the most gimmicky of ways.

yesmynameissumo2144d ago

So much so, SmartGlass is demoed at E3. Gotta love it.

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