Valve dismiss rumours of Left 4 Dead prequel, but promise something "cool"

Valve have scotched rumours of a possible Left 4 Dead prequel, explaining that the collaboration with Payday devs Overkill is something smaller, but still 'cool'

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DarkBlood2230d ago

they really avoiding number 3 huh :P

showtimefolks2229d ago

are they working with payday developers with something about payday and lfd combined into one?

valve have been quite for far to long what are you working on tell me and tell me now i demand it. ok i will wait more lol

user54670072230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

"'Hey we love co-op games, you love co-op games, why aren't more people making co-op games. These are super awesome. You're smart guys, let's do something together"

Yeah build a game with co-op in from the ground up thats what developers should be doing, not adding it into single player games where it dosen't belong. L4D was a perfect example of building a co-op game from the ground up...and Borderlands from Gearbox is another good example

Although saying that I do think Valve should of done the co-op to Portal 2 as DLC so they could add more to the single player first and give us some of the modes that the first Portal offered us instead, they said themselfs they had to cut the story because they wanted to add co-op so they must of had more planned out which is a shame to see it cut for added co-op. I mean it's easier to add a seperate co-op campaign as DLC then to add more story content to an already finished story.

I do hope though in the future when they do L4D3 they will go back to it being dark with a gloom and doom vibe. The sequel just felt too light hearted. I mean as most of the boycott group pointed out most of the stuff in L4D2 could of been done as DLC like they do in the form of TF2 updates.

I really hope they bring back the old characters though for L4D3...even Bill, yup Bill...they can do it, hell I can make up a scenario up in my head right now how they could do it, they just have to do it properly.

AnotherProGamer2230d ago

but Ricochet 2 hasn't been released yet.

Agent_00_Revan2229d ago

Can't be that because Valve can't count to 3

WeskerChildReborned2230d ago

I'm guessing the cool thing is the L4D/Payday cross over that was confirmed.

Ducky2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

A prequel for L4D would be pretty pointless since NaughtyDog is already making one.
It's called The Last Of Us and explores the story of young Bill and Zoey.

That's what I read from somewhere, anyways.

iNFAMOUZ12230d ago

thats the dumbest thing ive heard all day thank you, you've made everyone who read it lower their IQ

Ducky2230d ago

Then you need to internet harder.

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