Second Screen Utilization and the Failings of SmartGlass

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "At E3 this year, Microsoft announced that they are going to be taking advantage of a second screen with a new program called “SmartGlass”. This program utilizes phones and tablets as remotes to control consumers Xbox 360 by giving information about movies, in-game Intel, and additional Xbox live information, making your tablet a hub for utility control and additional information with your game console."

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Godmars2902265d ago

Really don't get why, if anyone is, people are making a big deal about Smartglass when it sounds like it only works in a support role.

I mean right after it was first shown there were a few articles about it superseding the WiiU and Vita's cross-game feature, but short of offering info, maybe being a remote - it doesn't actually do anything.

IHateYouFanboys2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

im making a big deal bout it because it looks like a big deal for me.

i own a win phone 7, iphone 3GS and an ipad. being able to use my ipad to send game/chat invites, view achievements, and select videos from my NAS to play on the 360 sounds awesome, and something that i would literally use every single time i turn on my 360. then theres the awesome uses for it in games like what we saw for madden - create your own plays! - and other potential things like using it for inventory in games like borderlands/diablo, using it for the motion scanner in Aliens, or even just as a map.

things like that are just things that can greatly enhance an already great game. i dont see how you can so quickly just brush it off as "doesn't actually do anything"?

also, like someone pointed out - a site with the word playstation in the title criticizing microsofts potential new killer app....who wouldve guessed?!

andibandit2265d ago

Actually that is the first time i've heard about Smartglass in a way that makes it appealing.

Before this i was thinking:
Who the hell wants to read about a movie, while watching it.
Who cares about "Infinity" ship metrics while trying to kill 5 baddies.

MrMister2265d ago

Dude i'm a Sony only guy. But I had to thumb-up your comment. I'll be honest--I never liked Microsoft, but even I could see the potential that SmartGlass has. Almost EVERYONE has a smart phone OR Tablet. People wil already have the controller at home. That is potentially MILLIONS of people. I always dreamt that PS vita could be the competition to Wii-U's tablet...but a Vita costs $160 to make, and is retailed for $250 plus. Also, there are not alot of ORIGINAL games coming for Vita for one big reason--because production costs for making a decent looking game costs almost as much as it does to make a ps3/360 game. People also want voice acting to go along with those fancy Vita graphics, which is even more money for developers. The cost for making a GREAT looking Vita game makes developers think that it's better to spend that money making it for 360 and PS3 instead since they have a larger install base. And putting it on BOTH the PS3 and Vita is a lost cause because anyone with a Vita, likely has a PS3 already. I hate to say it, but the Vita is now becoming a less necessary portable now that Smartglass has been announced.

The App could simply be free for Live customers (since they already have to pay) and it can work on a Iphone, Android, Windows, etc--which already has TENS of Thousands of games already on them. The possibilities for smart glass are endless, if done right. I dont think that Microsoft can put a tight enough patent (if any) around this, seeing how its just a simple app made to work on open source/third party devices. So, if Sony wants to compete, they need to Make a PS3/PS4 equivalent to Smartglass via apps on tablets/phones too. The vita costs way to much to think it can garner as many cross-platform users as a tablet/phone-to-home console connection could serve.

InTheLab2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

While I don't share your enthusiasm over smart glass and think it's nothing more than another "me too" from MS, I do agree that a PS site has no business discussing what's going on on the Xbox.

You'll see 50+ comments like yours whenever MSXBOX has some ridiculous article criticizing something on Playstation.

The industry is too consumed by bias and fanboyism for these types of articles.

miyamoto2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

as bonezai said it

"Obviously the SmartGlass is a gimmick to steal Nintendo & PS Vita's thunder at E3.
No more no less. A decoy." information & utility control" give me a break M$

The Wii U Game Pad really is a gimmicky obstruction to game play like the Dreamcast controller with VMU. The most annoying experience I had with this set up is the chore to look back & forth bet ween a tiny screen & a big screen. When your in the heat of battle shooting zombies you need concentration and every thing you need to see in one screen.

For some reason after the introduction of the NGP we knew Nintendo is going to emulate the Remote Play capabilities of the NGP. But you can not play games, telecommunicate, nor consume information & entertainment on it out side your house with Wii U.

I bought a PSP when it had AV out cable to play my PSP on HDTV. That was so much fun!

Now PS3 can stream PS Vita gaming to the HDTV & vice versa! That is twice the fun!

PSVita has Remote Play, Cross Control, Cross Goods, act as an Extra Controller via Bluetooth & WiFi. depending on the game any one can jump in a game. Gaming convenience.

We can not deny the fact that there are so many games on the PSP or DS that we wished we can play on the PS3 or Wii & vice versa on the big screen at home or when you are out there on the go. Sony provided solutions for this. Any one who says ports are bad are devoid of logic.

Sony is pushing the PS3 & PSV platforms together as the most connected game devices in gaming history. Melding two distinct gaming cultures, home & mobile gaming, in one ecosystem."

well said Sony is miles ahead of Ninty & M$ when it comes to gaming tech.

Ninty always plays it too safe now specially with budget: Wii, 3DS, Wii U

while M$ is just quick to react to trends by forking in billions: xbox, zune, windows phone, windows tablets, windows 8

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2265d ago

I think the vita/ps3 combo has more capabilities even though it's more expensive and less accessible. Smart glass is cool because all you need is a software to download on your phone/tablet, but the lack of buttons on said devices limits it's capabilities. Wii U is just as accessible because it'll be bundled with the console but it's not multitouch and has to be in range of the console.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2265d ago

Playstation Mobile seems to be like Smart Glass.

Also, Iwata said that the WiiU and Miiverse will soon work with Smart Phones and Computers/Pads... sooooooo it's a Wash.