DmC: Devil May Cry will feel like a 60fps game, says producer

DmC producer Motohide Eshiro has assured fans of the original Devil May Cry series that the reboot will still retain responsive controls and feel like 60 frames per second, despite only running at 30.

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Snookies122259d ago

To be fair, it's justified hate... Though I'll keep my mouth shut for this one...

VanillaBear2259d ago

"Though I'll keep my mouth shut for this one"

May aswell, all the points about why this game looks terrible have been said a million times already it past articles...thats what I think anyway

The only thing I usualy comment on is how much BS comes out of their mouth to try and get people to like the game

They are like one of those people at high school who do everything in there power to get the "cool" kids to like them......there basicaly Meg off Family Guy

Snookies122259d ago

@VanillaBear - LOL! Meg from Family Guy...

rdgneoz32258d ago

That reminded me of this quote:

"Chris: Brian's the new Meg! Brian's the new Meg!
Meg: Yeah, you're the new me!
Peter: Shut up, Meg."

But yah, NT always talks a lot ahead of time then cry after. They should just let the game do the talking instead,

WildArmed2259d ago

Sure, I'll bite.
Only an idiot will say a 30FPS game will feel like a 60FPS game.

Driving 30MPH doesn't feel like 60MPH.

REGARDLESS, I'm actually starting to look forward to this game.

ChronoJoe2259d ago

Yeah this is hella stupid. It's like saying racing stripes and motion blur can make 30 mph feel like 60 xD

fei-hung2258d ago

But then again, you will be getting a free review copy probably so you wont need to worry about purchasing it.

When you are done with it, send it my way so I can play it for free too.

People will play the game, but whether the money will go to the dev will be a different story.

I hate the direction the new DMC has taken. I dont care for it one single bit, but as a new IP, I actually find it interesting and like it.

However, since Crapcom and NT screwed with me, I rather give my money to the retailer via a second hand bargain bin copy purchase... unless you send me your review copy ;)

dark-hollow2259d ago

people hate change, they want capcom to rehash DMC forever.

till now, i didnt read any valid arguments against this game besides the 30 FPS and some changes in the plot (lol who cares about that in a hack n slash game?)

Snookies122258d ago

I very much cared about the plot... Though maybe that's just me... :[

Kyosuke_Sanada2258d ago

We hate UNNECESSARY change, that is all. People look at 30 FPS as a menial change but imagine the fallout if Activision if they announced that the newest Call Of Duty was cutting it's speed in half.......

ZombieKiller2257d ago

Hate change to a good thing. Ok so DMC4 was not everyones favorite, but it was still in the right direction. It was still Japanese anime based, it was still 60 FPS, it was still "stylish" to what we were used to....NT didn't add anything new to DMC except the world around Dante. Limbo. Everything else, is just a downgrade. we went from styles and weapons, to weapons with special moves. they simplified it. we went from 60FPS to 30, we went from good graphics, to meh, and from fast gameplay, to slow. the enemy design is digusting, and although improved since before (shudders) Dante's design still looks like a dirty lil skinny ass rat, nasty t-shirt by the way, wouldn't be surprised if there are mustard stains on it in that opening carnival scene ....grungy. He's got this I'm in your face F-you superiority complex filled with one liners that don't seem even clever. Thats not Dante. Dante is laid back chilled but devilish if provoked. Always has the balls to just stroll on in without being noticed until he wants

ZombieKiller2257d ago

I don't want them to rehash. I want them to add and balance. I want them to make Dante the way he was in DMC4 will all his styles on the fly, But this time 2 Devil Arms and 2 Guns instead of 3, then Nero and Virgil added to the story with Lady, Trish and a few newbies, and I want them to design a campaign co-op based (RE6 style) with 4 player co-op online. Don't forget the bloddy palace like I'm sure NT will do btw. I want them to have team attacks, and all the EXACT fast gameplay that it used to have via DMC4 & DMC3. Remember MK Shaolin Monks? How you could team attack and play the entire campaign co-op? Maybe an origins story where Dante goes lookin for Virgil in the demon world. After all, he did shed a tear for him at the end of 3. Go from there....and for the LOVE OF DANTE CAPCOM, if there way ANY a developer to give this series to, it should have been the ones that EVEN OFFERED TO DEVELOP THE GAME....Platinum Games. Maybe then it would be 60 fps at the least!! LOL

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Croash2259d ago

As long as they don't cap the PC version's fps, I'll be fine. I do know that the game was developed with 30fps in mind but at least it has a chance of being more pleasing to the eye.

Great games could really have been more enjoyable had they been released on PC. Castlevania : Lords of Shadow for instance. Such an amazing game didn't deserve to be stuck with 20 to 30 fps (and no anti-aliasing, but that's an entirely different issue).

TheKindRoost2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Of course he would says something like this to promote the game he is funding... even though it's straight pr bs also Dante's attitude in that last trailer totally screams mid-life crisis from a certain creative director.

Tony-Red-Grave2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

edit: theres nothing to see here folks

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