E3 2012: Hands On Preview: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on the Wii U | DualShockers

Batman: Arkham City has been out for nearly a year, released back in October of 2011. The Nintendo Conference at E3 announced that a special Armored Edition of the title will be coming out on the Wii U. There were mixed feelings about having an old game that has already been out across other consoles and the PC already now getting released on a system that isn’t even on the market yet.

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Unztayble2084d ago

Not sold on this at all.

Hisiru2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I will buy it because it has all the DLCs plus, I no longer have my ps3 version and this game is awesome.

But I have to agree that it's an old game and most people already played it.

Stoletarts2083d ago

It is, but I also mentioned how the maps are completely revamped. It's the same story, but the challenges and puzzles are all different to cater for the Wii U controller if you're looking for a replay value.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Yes, now next console generation, i can buy a system that's still stuck in this console generation, and play all of the games i already have, and play all the old recycled ip's that nintendos been using.(mario, mario, mario, ZELDA!, mario, mario, mario, KIRBY!, mario, mario, mario, PIKMIN!, mario)in other words, excess mario with dashes of other overrated ip's

honestly, and this is not a fanboy's perspective, i honestly hoped that nintendo would do well, Back in third grade i got a gamecube, my first console aside from the psone, some of my greatest gaming memories were on that console; metroid prime, super smash bros., and after all of that fun, the wii was announced! HOLY CRAP, IT LOOKS AWESOME

not really, but getting back to the point...NINTENDO SSSUUUUUCKS, it used to be the best but now it sucks, and no, zelda isn't the best game of all time, ask someone who has beaten mass effect, uncharted, mgs4, or shadow of the colossus, IT might have been, but now it's another overrated nintendo game.

IT SEEMS TO ME THAT nintendo is just living off of successful n64 games, i was seriously excited this year, sure that nintendo would be innovative, and make games, NEW GAMES!!!, but they're just living off of their past successes.


c'mon, everybody knows it's cool to hook up an expression with an internet meme to further prove their point

DivineAssault 2084d ago

This i can see selling on Wii U due to its TEEN rating but anything M rated will flop..

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2084d ago

Nice to see that it does have some replay value. This will be my 1st time however.
Same with Mass Effects 3.

Stoletarts2083d ago

ME3 wasn't on the floor for a demo so I'm not sure if they redid the maps and enemy setup for that game like they did for Batman.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2083d ago

I twould be smart if they did but it doesn't matter to me cause I haven't played the 1st version of Batman:AC or the any other ME3 game.

So these are new to me.