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Lazygamer: "This game tried to do too many things, resulting in a lot of them being done poorly. It isn’t a story-less kill everything game with great fluid combat. It isn’t a rousing plot-driven quest that motivates you to explore more, to kill more. No, it is a clunky, empty mess of half-developed ideas with no polish."

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marigold2261d ago

I personally think this reviewer is full of crap.

MsButterbean2261d ago

Is this guy for real? 4/10? The game doesn't deserve 4/10. It has flaws, but jesus it's not that bad. What is terrible is this guy's writing. It's a pain to read.

dc12261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I own Skyrim on the PC... and it has more flaws than Dragon's Dogma.

I'm 70 hrs into Dragon's Dogma and this review confirmed that the site is ultimately untrustworthy and ill-responsible.

It sickens me that console fanboyizm exist and this type of journalistic cynicism runs a close second.

zeal0us2261d ago

Maybe he's a lazy gamer?

marigold2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

That might be it, or he's clueless.

camel_toad2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The game reeks of low production values but it absolutely delivers where it counts most which is FUN.

The ability to change from a variety of classes whenever you feel like it and carry over augments to enhance your preferred class makes the addiction and fun go on forever.

In terms of exploration it also puts Skyrim (with its all too similar multitude of dungeons) and very linear exploration in Witcher to shame, and those games of course scored high marks across the board. Yeh I liked them of course but Ive actually had way more "fun" with Dragons Dogma than either one of those.

Dragons Dogma also takes the cake (which is not a lie) as far as combat goes. Everyone deep down knows Skyrims combat was boderline awful and witchers wasnt that much better being that you are rolling around more than you are fighting.

Again I liked Witcher 2 and almost loved Skyrim, but Dragons Dogma is just better where it counts. Fun.

P.S. I still <3 Dark Souls of course. ;)

additup282261d ago

"combat is a clunky affair"

you sir are doing it wrong then

GavinMannion2261d ago

It's not possible to play a game wrong, it can only be developed incorrectly :)

MsButterbean2260d ago

I gather you're Garth? I disagree with your review, and not only because I think it's an obvious attempt at hit baiting, but because the points you made are invalid. You complain about the pawns and how they talk too much, but you can set this in the menu. Why complain about it, when there is an option to change it.

The combat is not clunky. I don't think you know what clunky means. The animation is smooth. I think the only reason why you could it clunky is because you suck at the game.

GavinMannion2257d ago

@MsButterBean No I'm not Garth my name is Gavin.

I am one of the editors of but I'm not the one who wrote, edited or previewed the review by Garth but I can say that while it generated a lot of comment it most certainly wasn't written as link bait and it didn't change our traffic any.

Garth has written many a review for us and is easily one of the better reviewers in the industry at the moment, if you feel his points are wrong you are most certainly free to voice that in the comments and I'm sure you'll find many people who agree with you.

This title has been described perfectly as a marmite title and Garth was obviously not a fan

Reborn2261d ago

Combat is clunky? You nuts?

DD isn't perfect, but it's a risk they've taken. One which I hope pays off so more can go into a better, polished, sequel. This review is a joke.

Most of the poor reviews regarding DD, seem to come from people who want to blame the game, for not playing it right.

MysticStrummer2261d ago

Another site I can ignore from now on, because their taste in games is clearly nothing like mine. Dragon's Dogma has it's flaws, but it's also some of the most fun I've had this generation. Clunky combat... that has to be a joke.

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