Activision Blizzard Shares Slide Drastically, Vivendi Planning to Sell

Despite being the largest developer of MMOs and console-based games in the industry, Activision Blizzard's current stock is worth only $11.70. Bloomberg earlier reported that Vivendi is planning to sell off the industry giant in order to shake loose some extra funds. Maybe this has to do with their tepid E3 presence and underwhelming Black Ops 2 preview?

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MurDocINC2141d ago

Apple will buy them, yea it's scary.

majiebeast2142d ago

Blizzard should split from activision fast with all the auction house and real money auction house bullshit, their reputation has taken a enormous hit and the rmah and ah were probably Bobby´s idea in the first place.

kostchtchie_2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

right because it was all Activison and none blizzards doing with ah right? you people make me laugh, blizzard have been making cash of selling items for years along with all the bot shops on d2, and the way d3 is going nothing has changed even putting it on there precious and soon getting there 15% cut from gamers selling, once they stop the hackers messing about on hacking peoples character sessions

blizzards rep had already taken hit over years for how wow went, d3 is nothing new to that reputation slip, they got arrogant with there massive success, hopefully this does some serious damage to both Activison and blizzard


i totally agree with you mate, but after they sold that first mount was it mount? and made like 4mill, i am sure both Activison and blizzard were like yay lets do this, and the trend has continued, now is that both blizzard and activisons fault or gamers? as whole? seems company's get blamed a lot for gamers bad choices

FlashXIII2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Blizzard never bothered with vanity items in WoW before the Activision deal.. now it costs half the full price of a retail game just to buy a cool looking mount. Blizzard are no angels I'm sure but you'd be naive if Activision didn't push for some of these things.

GoldenGamer2142d ago

If I knew how to buy shares I would

Honest_gamer2142d ago

The article also states they made more money than most of there competitors combined, there shares may have dropped 20% but they are still making more money than everyone else

modesign2142d ago

i hope activision goes under.

matgrowcott2142d ago

It's pretty disgusting that this has got so many agrees. "I dislike the Call of Duty series so I hope thousands of people lose their jobs."


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The story is too old to be commented.