Destructoid- Forza Horizon is more than casual racing

Destructoid, Dale North- "Me? I love Forza Motorsport. It's exactly the type of the racing game I love to play with its focus on simulation and car acquisition. But what about people that want to drive, explore and race others? What abou the folks that want something a bit more laid back and hip?

Turn 10 and Playground Games has an answer with upcoming Xbox 360 racer Forza Horizon. They call it an open-world action racing game, but you're already calling it their take on Need for Speed. But not so fast there, arcade racer. It does fall in the pick-up-and-play category, and they're definitely aiming to make a more accessible racing game, but the focus here leans more toward authenticity."

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tdogchristy902262d ago

I have a question for the Forza community? What is your take on this game. I've never been a huge fan but I did play Forza 3. I really enjoyed it and it was a great graphical car candy game. Forza 4 would have been nice but it felt like it was more geared toward kinect and the same old (madden) type release. Forza horizon I am curious about and was wondering if those in the Forza know think it'll live up to Forza name. I'm just not a big arcade guy and prefer my sims, so do you feel it'll be worth it?

green2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I am a car crazy and Forza Horizon is my most anticipated game of the year. I love the festival feel of the game. I regards to e Forza community, just go to the forums and you will see that they feel the same way. Our biggest fear was that the physics engine will be Arcady but hearing that it is left alone and only tuned to handle different driving surfaces.

Edit: don't understand what you mean by forza4 geared towards kinect. I got forza 4 yesterday and I have been playing it a lot and never have I been required to drop my controller. The only time I use kinect is for the brilliant use of head tracking so could you please explain what you mean?

ChunkyLover532262d ago

Forza 4 had some cool Kinect integration, but it certainly wasn't a Kinect game at its core. The lighting and particles in Forza 4 were absolutely stunning, the Auto-Vista mode was also a welcomed addition, I think they also let you do full 16 player online matches at 60fps. So I think Forza 4 was definitely the better game.

Forza Horizon I am looking at as almost a totally new IP. It seems to be getting a ton of positive press, I think most of the developers working on it were the same ones who worked on the Project Gotham Racing games, so I think this series is taking over for that.

I love the festival setting and the open world, I also love the fact that they added night time driving. Its shaping up to be a standalone title.

green2261d ago

I also look at it as a new IP. I wonder if it will have the customisation and running aspect of Forza Motorsport.