THQ Host Q&A Session For WWE’ 13

If you’re like me, a massive wrestling fan, with a hatred for sports video games, then you’ll be on the fence about WWE’ 13. The developers behind the latest game, THQ, have posted a new Q&A session regarding the features and moves included in WWE’ 13. You can read the question and answers session in its entirety below.

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astroanthony2017d ago

Which character are you most excited about?

TGF_Zero2017d ago

I usually make my own characters. If HBK, Edge, HHH, Undertaker, and Kofi Kingston are in the game then I will probably pick them. lol

Zovfreullia2017d ago

I'm excited to make my own character.

kingofgames86u2017d ago

old news read this couple days ago

Tonester9252017d ago

Hope it's more like Day of Reckoning! That game is so fun!

Drazz2017d ago

Worst Q and A ever.. I learned a lot more about ring breaks, and thats it..