E3 2012: Best Graphics Of The Show

NowGamer- "Gameplay is for wimps and lefty liberals. What we want is graphics and we want lots of them. Strike that, we want all of them. But what games at this year’s E3 had them?"

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Halo42149d ago

If there gonna talking about Best Graphics Of The Show Halo 4 and Forza Horizon also should have been on that list :)

PLASTICA-MAN2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

No GOWA and Black Ops 2 instead? WTF?
I really thought it is an objetcive, subtile and correct list when I found no God Of War Ascension and "BLACK OPS 2" INSTEAD! EPIC FAIL!

Hisiru2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Sarcasm, right?

Chitown712912149d ago

It goes in this order as for best graphics.

1). Star Wars 1313
2). Watch Dogs
3). Last of Us


Nick Jones the author of this article admits that God Of War Ascension should be on this list. Maybe he will update it.

Convas2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Why not?

Why is it that the people on this website in particular have such a hard time admitting that Halo 4 actually is a technologically and graphically stunning game?

Boody-Bandit2149d ago

Black Ops 2 should not be on this list.


Graphics is not that simple to judge, even if you are a lefty liberal that wants all of 'em (couldn't stop laugh at that).

Visuals aren't just about poly count, light effects, render techniques, AA or HDR... Animations and art design says a lot too. Not to mention the cinematics and camera direction that help a lot to define the visual style.

You'll be hardly pressed to define one game that beats all others in all fields. And even when you have all the numbers to show you have the most complex tech, it doesn't mean it looks the best.

Personally the visual in Star Wars didn't impressed me at all... But I noticed my mouth open for longer than usual in Watch Dogs reflections and in The Last Of Us animations. Tomb Raider had some great cinematics too.

lociefer2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

the thing that most grabbed me about watch dogs / the last of us is the voice acting, its really top-notch , ppl overlook this for graphics witch is a shame

JokesOnYou2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

No Halo4?, his list is broken...hell I always thought Reach was a nice step up despite what the haters said, but come on now Halo4 looks amazing, look at all the detail in his weapon and hands, look at the enviromental detail and we know its a sandbox oriented FPS, seriously give credit where credit is due....personally after the games running on PC, then I would say Crysis3 and Beyond looked like the best graphics on consoles, but Beyond is a bunch of interactive cutscenes, like Heavy Rain which makes it a helluva lot easier to beef up the graphics, so really for all the games shown on consoles, Halo4 is right there with the best of them, and we know it will run & play better than Crysis3. Halo just gets alot of hate 'cause its popular, yep say what you want but you all know its true.

Gaming1012148d ago Show
Awesome_Gamer2148d ago

Are they blind? Black ops 2 looked like total shit compared to The Last of Us, Watch Dogs and God of War:A

SuperLupe2148d ago

Yeah dont understand why Halo 4 isnt there, looked absolutely stunning.

MysticStrummer2148d ago

"Halo just gets alot of hate 'cause its popular"

That's sort of true, but not in the way you mean it, at least not from my perspective. Much like CoD, I've never understood why Halo was so popular. I scoff at both for the same reason. There are much better games that sell much less, so it makes me smh at the masses.

geth1gh2148d ago

In all reality, nothing on the consoles should be on there. Not hating, but it is a fact that pc games at this point outdate the graphical capabilities of the consoles by far.

Funny thing is, is most of those videos in the 360 press conference are running off of a pc. Don't believe me? Take a look at what the controller is plugged up into in front of them. A nvidia cooler master haf x pc case...

darthv722148d ago

people will see things differently. It is just the way we are. Obviously this is all opinion driven instead of solid facts to proclaim one "better" than another.

This isnt like we are comparing a high end pc to the 2600 where there is a clear decision. I liked several games at this E3. They each had something that appealed to me from their artistic nature to the grittyness of their environments.

The high points (for me) were:

MS - Halo 4, Forza, Gears Judgement.
Sony - Last of Us, God of War, Beyond
Ubisoft - Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs

I would also say that (to me) EA Medal of honor had a more realistic look than Cod Blops2. then again, blops2 was set in the not so distant future but it was the realistic debris and destruction of MoH that I liked over CoD.

I did like the cel shaded look of borderland 2 as well.

geth1gh2148d ago Show
decrypt2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )


Poor consoles gamers they are being taken for a ride just like usual lol.

They are shown PC versions of games running maxed out, console boys get hyped.

Most of them are like(zomg they managed to squeeze more performance out of 6 year old hardware, these consoles have much more power left over).

Then you have developer comments like (blah blah game uses maximum power of console hardware, except when the next sequel releases they go on and say oh last time we didnt really mean it this time we are serious).

All of this drama is created to hype the console base, think BF3 before the game was released the devs were only showing PC versions, because they knew if the console version is leaked people wont see any improvements and the hype will die. So they kept making promises oh the console version will look almost as good as PC version. Later when the game was released console boys were severely dissapointed.

Its the natural order of things, console gamers just are gullable to promises lol.

A little example for you:

Nvidia comes out and says their next GPU will perform 100% better than the last one, PC gamers will belive the statement once they see benchmarks supporting the claims.

Sony or Ms comes out and say their next console will be 10x as powerful, console gamers.. well they will take MS and Sony word for it(MS and Sony just need to be creative with their marketing phrases), no need for them to prove anything. Before Sony released the PS3 they were making it look like every game will be running in 1080p. Console boys fully belived the hype in the end they received a product that only did 5-10% of its games in 1080p lol.

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Lazy_Sunday2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Why are there disagrees Halo 4 and Forza look much better than Black Ops 2, and we all know that FarCry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, Crysis 3--hell, every cross-platform game will run at less than acceptable speeds on consoles--we're playing on 6 year old hardware! It's one thing to get a next gen console too early. It's another to get one too late.

jacksons982148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Any one of those games on PC is going to blow away Halo4.

Lazy_Sunday2148d ago

That I can definitely agree with.

geth1gh2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Check my post above. They are all running (3rd party at least) on a pc.

They should be sued for false advertisement.

Lazy_Sunday2148d ago

I know that, I've posted about it too!
Comment #1.6

geth1gh2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Yea but whatever I guess. The people above me want to disagree with me so they can keep their consoles and their lies. I was just trying to show them the lies they are being fed.

Doesn't matter to me. I just build a new rig a few months ago with a 680 and a 3930k at its heart. Also got a 27" 120hz 3d monitor.

So I am good either way :D

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projectJenova2149d ago

halo 4 seriously ????
that game looks exactly like halo 3 with little beter colors

i wont bother with forza

tee_bag2422148d ago


As much as I love the Forza series the graphics of this new one are nothing special at all.
Anyone one who plays Forza seriously doesnt play for the graphics anyway...and that why this new one looks like a watered down peice of rubish.
Im sure it will attract alot of new sckoolers though

Objective2148d ago

Looks much better than GT5 so it should be in the list.

ginsunuva2149d ago

Please take away his bubbles. And while you're doing that, can I have some? I don't know how I somehow lost mine.

honkyjesus2148d ago

I don't think the list is for What Are MS's Yearly First Party Titles One and Two.

aceitman2148d ago

1). Star Wars 1313
2). Watch Dogs
3). Last of Us
and out of this list the only one on home console is the last of us , ps3 :> the other 2 where ran on high end pcs.

A-Glorious-Dawn2148d ago

yeah that still impresses me.

I wasn't as surprised by the nature of TLoU's graphics as I was with Uncharted 2 or Killzone
I expected it to look the way it does.

But in a show like this it's amazing that a game from the 6 year old ps3 can still be ranked among the best against new pc's.

God of War has had a nice upgrade as well. The image seems to sit a lot better on the screen compared to the previous.

Just think what Santa Monica and ND would be able to do with a PC game....

otherZinc2148d ago


To omit Halo 4 & Forza Horizon is ridiculous.

Also, the physics & AI in Halo 4 are incredible.

@Mystic Strummer,
Ok, what games do you feel are better than Halo that sell far less than Halo?

mewhy322148d ago

Yes I agree Halo4. They should've been on the list along with the Ubi-Soft games and that Hawken game. All these were excellent visually. I'm not sure why you got so many disagrees???? This entire post is just opinion and I guess everyone is entitle to theirs.

orange-skittle2148d ago

Beyond:Two Souls
Last of Us
Watch Dogs

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yewles12149d ago

Beyond really shocked people at Sony's conference.

Veneno2148d ago

Beyond def had THE best character models hands down. Even better than watchdogs which many believed to be the best game graphically.

GamingPerson2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

1). Star Wars 1313 pc
2). Watch Dogs pc
3). Beyond ps3
4). Last of Us ps3

360 can't make the list even with gears 4.

aviator1892149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I'm surprised that B Ops 2 made this list over games such as Halo 4 and God of War: Ascension. :/

TheFallenAngel2148d ago

Lol halo 4. But seriously God of War 3 is probably the best looking console game out there. so God of War: Ascension will be the best looking game when it comes out.

Objective2148d ago

Lol god of war best looking...?? Fanboy much haha!

AgreeFairy2149d ago

Beyond had the best graphics.

IHateYouFanboys2149d ago ShowReplies(4)
DigitalRaptor2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )


IHateYouFanboys.... fan-bloody-tastic. Showing people everywhere how deeply uninformed you are.

I'm shocked even by the poster above (JokesOnYou - #1.1.9) who said "Beyond looked like the best graphics on consoles, but Beyond is a bunch of interactive cutscenes, like Heavy Rain which makes it a helluva lot easier to beef up the graphics". Hahah, making stuff up are we? It's gonna be fun debunking all the stupid, ill-informed fanboy drivel that will be aimed at this game as more is revealed. It's happened many times before with PS3 games and will happen again.

How about reading the DigtalFoundry tech analysis? These guys are THE best around when it comes to video game technological analysis.