Nintendo E3 2012 Report: Nintendo Fails Miserably

Nintendo was the first of the big three to unveil a new console, and gamers have been waiting for months to catch any glimpse of the Wii U. After a year of waiting Nintendo has finally debuted the Wii U to the world.

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Bleucrunch2148d ago

Trolling??? Their is nothing trolling about that comment....That comment makes a boat load of sense to me. If I am picking up a WiiU which is suppose to be Nintendo's NEXT gen console then their Mario game should look like it. You cannot say with a straight face that that Mario was next gen....That video they showed us was a 2d Mario with pretty colors...Clearly not a next GEN title...I believe you might have been to quick to pull the trolling trigger.

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live2play2148d ago

games start looking BETTER when the console gets older
look at early ps3 and xbox games then look at uncharted 3 now....

would you want those big name games to be BETTER??
so wait a couple of years so the devs can learn to work with the wii u

SecretPsycho2148d ago

I'm just wondering if it'll to late gen will be in a couple years to

Blastoise2148d ago

Hey Sony`s 2006 E3 Conference
Im real happy for you an ima let you finish
but Nintendo's 2012 E3 conference was the worst conference of ALL time! Of all time!

HarryMasonHerpderp2148d ago

lol at that Reggie pic he`s like "im not even mad".

ApolloAdams2148d ago

Yet when Wii-U moves millions of units and shows to be a crucial player once again what will people say. Do you not learn about Nintendo lol.

Sony 2006
Nintendo 2008
Microsoft 2010
Now those are some fails.

NYC_Gamer2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I don't care if the Wii-U moves millions of units.. I'm more concerned about software and Nintendo failed to impress me on that at E3...

ApolloAdams2148d ago

See that is the key they have failed to impress you but they did impressed many others.

Third Party is here for them from a game standpoint with some major players.

I care if they move millions units because then more developers will be inclined to develop for it.

live2play2148d ago

yes the conference was horrible

but read the hands on previews, everyone is saying great things about the games


live2play2148d ago

nintendo failed to hype the games up
but i mean cmon man
rayman legends looks glorious
pikmin 3 is long over due
lego city game looks like crazy fun
super mario bros is fun with friends
zomie u breathes new life to the zombie games

just because the conference was huge failure does not mean the console and games are bad

DivineAssault 2148d ago

They only impressed super loyal fans.. Everyone including investors were disappointed in the show.. Casuals & ppl who like more adult oriented mature rated titles see no difference in the system or a need to buy one... The surveys all over the net show that only 3% of 67000 gamers were willing to pay $300+ for it.. & this was before the conference so those numbers have decreased im sure

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hennessey862148d ago

Look at the Wii, it was a gimmick form the start. Under powered and lacked games and yet it sold millions. Nintendo won't change there ways because the sheep lap it up, waiting for the next generic instalment of mario and zelda. I will stick with the PS3 and 360 thanks

iceman062148d ago

Wii sold well because Nintendo struck lightning in a bottle. The gimmick was exactly right for the time and the casual rush. The real question is will the casuals be ready to sink more money into a new Nintendo console or are they content with their investment in the Wii? The core Nintendo fans will be there to help initial sales. But, they won't be able to sustain the growth that is needed in today's industry without the casual market and the cross-over sales (owners of multiple consoles).

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