Nintendo Graphics Then and Now

With all the negative attitudes toward the Wii U, Nintendo Enthusiast decides to show readers just how far Nintendo consoles have come graphics-wise.

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EcoSos32298d ago

Mario and Pikmin did a huge jump the others need to be compare to wii games to really see the difference between then and now.

Computersaysno2298d ago

I like how they used a high end PC shot of project cars as if thats the sort of visuals we are guaranteed to be seeing on WiiU. Dream on...

dark-hollow2298d ago

I'll wait for retro's new game to really show what the system is capable of.

remember how fricking gorgeous metroid prime looked on the GameCube?

bahabeast2298d ago

i still think its pretty horrible for 2012 compared to what the ps360 been pumping out for years.

Computersaysno2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Lego City Stories looks utter poop. Talk about aliasing, jaggy city stories more like. This is a great idea of how WiiU is not really that fast, because the home console version is only for WiiU hardware. Which clearly isn't doing any anti aliasing to save its life

rmedtx2298d ago

The graphics look outdated already.

dannybohy2298d ago

Another Nintendo graphics fail!.

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