ShopTo lists Wii U for pre-order priced at £279.85


Interested in picking up the Wii U? Then ShopTo now has Nintendo’s brand new console available for pre-order in both Black & White, priced at £279.85.

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Wido2260d ago

It's a safe bet to assume that the Wii U on its own will roughly be about £250. Bundle? Near the £300 or over.

sikbeta2260d ago

Google says: $435 (US) that's OK considering it has the tablet controller

Fyflin2260d ago

Roughly the same price as the 360 launch price.

I be tempted to get one but in all honestly I haven't seen any software to convince me to buy one just yet. No doubt I'll pick one up next year.

ProjectVulcan2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Pass for me at this price until i see some killer games only on Wii U with no hope for a port elsewhere. Especially if Sony and Nintendo start making more noises about next gen at the end of the year when this launches.

Surely they will. They'll talk about their massive back catalogues and probably make price cuts to isolate Wii U at the high end price of the market. Then start hinting about their next gen plans for 2013.

N47H112260d ago

Still not convinced... why would i wont to buy a machine that improves very little on my current gen console/s

ApolloAdams2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Because Nintendo has some of the best exclusives out there. And the improvements are leap and bounds in terms of gameplay from the Wii and regarding the current system it is leaps and bounds in form of new gameplay and input. That sounds next gen to me.

I really feel bad for people who judge next gen graphics yet you game on a CONSOLE. You will surely be disappointed in what Sony and Microsoft do from a graphical stand point if you are judging this by graphics.

Have people forgot that people want affordable and these god powerful machines. Not gonna happen. Simple

Computersaysno2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Leaps and bounds? From wii maybe, but not from 360 or PS3.

Thats not next gen, thats present gen, the one we have had for years. Looking at screens and touching them to control games isn't next gen either. Where you been the past 5 years with DS and then the new handhelds, every smartphone in existence etc.

I dont know what the major attraction would be to buy this on launch. Fils Aimes has already claimed some 'launch window' of months and months. Meaning Nintendo claim a game might be launch window but wont even turn up until 2013....

I feel bad for people that see this controller and think it is something revolutionary when we have been playing games with those controls on other systems for years with no such incredible revolution occurring.

I feel sorry if it is hyped on this basis, instead of whether the games actually appear to advance over and beyond what 360 and PS3 have done for the past 6 years. Which they dont.

BlmThug2260d ago

Leaps and bounds? Mario's the same 25 year old formula, also they only just entered the 7th gen with a 720P HD console :L With 30 FPS

SugarSoSweet2260d ago

You my friend are exactly the kind of idiots that ENABLE Nintendo to pull of the bullshit they have been doing for the past 6 or 7 years

LEAP and Bounds my ass..... Why do I pay 300 pounds for a console that has rougly the same power that the Xbox 360 has and is MUCH cheaper

Nintendo is GARBAGE so is all of their recycled same shit over and over again games fuck Nintendo

2260d ago
Sgt_Slaughter2260d ago

If anyone is still pissed about Nintendo's conference... THE WII U HAS THE BEST LAUNCH TITLE-LIST IN 7 YEARS! Go look up the PS3 and Xbox 360 launch games and you will see how blessed we are this time around.

Computersaysno2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

No it doesn't. All i see is a whole load of ports or rehashed titles out months ago on alternative, cheaper systems and games pencilled in for 'launch window' which could mean anything up to 4 months after the machine actually hits the shelves according to Nintendo themselves.

Everyone expected to be amazed by something to be blown away and Nintendo to deliver something big for Wii U's launch and where is it?

Already the come down is starting off titles like Zombi U, realising its not revolutionary at all, and incredibly gimmicky.

Reborn2260d ago

That price isn't promised. They will change it depending on what Nintendo confirms as the actual price. They've just estimated it, in order to probably see how many customers are actually interested.

It's still under speculation to how much it will cost. Until Nintendo confirm otherwise.

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