WonderBook Is A Great Idea, But Not For E3

PushStartSelect: "Sony announced a rather casual experience called WonderBook. I can understand why the “hardcore” gamers don’t care for the idea, but the truth is it wasn’t made for them anyways. They had the rest of the show to get excited for, and this was more for the younger and family oriented crowd. However even with that target, I really like this idea as a creative writer, but I honestly don’t think it was fit for the E3 Conference. I was watching people logging into to live feeds and streams, and according to just Sony’s blog alone they had over 80-85k people on at one time. Then PlayStation Home had a good amount, and they even stated they filled a couple thousands of seats in the arena as well. There were an absolute ton of people watching this conference, and it was somewhat worth it. However this might be the reason why Sony announced new tech like WonderBook, to grab media attention."

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Godmars2902234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Yes, yes we get it. good idea but the presentation went too long. Far too long. Probably didn't help their thinking that hooked up a celeb personality to it. One who's connected to a massive money-making franchise they're not getting a slice of. Till now.

ApolloAdams2234d ago

This is what kills me I swear.

Let Microsoft come out and press conference the Wonderbook for that dreadful long time and the world would erupt in flames because they are out of touch with their fan base but Sony does it and it is okay.

I wish gamers were transparent on both sides and saw crap when it was actually CRAP!

StreetsofRage2234d ago

That's never going to happen. If Sony released a simulation game of a toilet, you would get the predictable, "OMG TEH PHYSIKS IS INKREDIBLE!"

Qrphe2234d ago

I am yet to see anyone not complain about how dreadful it was to see it for that long at E3. It has received nothing but negative feedback from most gamers.

OmniSlashPT2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

That's because before Wonderbook, Sony announced a big new exclusive, PAS:BR and Vita news, and right after Wonderbook, they released 2 brand new gameplay footage from their biggest exclusives.

I agree the Wonderbook presentation was absolutely horrible, but mainly because it lasted that long. But it was probably the only flaw in Sony's conference. Atleast they didn't have a guy pretending to sing.

And I don't hear anyone complaining how boring and humiliating that NintendoLand things was. The japanese guy went for about 5 minutes trying to explain a mini-game!

telekineticmantis2234d ago

Riot in front of Sony corp. Everyone's been complaining about Wonderbook. The difference is Beyond, The last of Us, God of war, Dust 514, Playstation Allstars, LBP Karting, LBP Vita, Sly Cooper, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice etc. So 10 minutes on Wonderbook is not gonna be a long term complaint.

Microsoft on the other hand does a half an hour of Kinect, and reruns all their selling franchises. It's been 3 E3's the first one was shocking, now people full on claim microsoft a casual console.

Is it more clear for you now?

Back to what I was going to say, Wonderbook is very creative and has a cool niche for kids and all people that enjoy reading stories, it deserves it's credit.

PirateThom2234d ago

That's a very distorted view of reality you have there. Between the people I was watching it with and my Twitter feed, it was a whole lot of "what the hell is this?" and "why aren't there more games?".

Cajun Chicken2234d ago

No. I plain HATED Wonderbook. To be honest, I wish Studio London would sodding stop messing around with eyetoy/PSEye experiments and creating over glorified tech demos.
Wonderbook is probably the worst thing I've ever seen at E3 and for Sony to devote so much time to it was just plain embarrassing.

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StreetsofRage2234d ago

Yeah it's a great idea......for me to poop on.

Tony-Red-Grave2234d ago

when i say wonderbook i can't help but go WOOOOONDERBOOOK

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