E3 2012: Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed Hands-On | FanBolt writes: "SEGA is taking another crack at the Kart racing genre, and they've got some good times to offer this time around. Their last entry in the series was a solid title. However, it suffered from a lack of differentiation, just melting in with the background of other Kart racers. So how much has this one changed?"

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Snookies121721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Wow, that actually looks pretty dang fun!

Aside from that part where he didn't go off the track and it still reset him lol.

chukamachine1721d ago

That actually looks awesome,lol.

I actually enjoyed the original quite abit.

But this looks like it'll be better with flight etc.

bring it sega/

GuruStarr781720d ago

Really looking 4ward to getting this on vita, hopefully the online will be good!