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joeorc2297d ago

playstation Home's first MMO rpg..yay!

its pretty cool.

lodossrage2297d ago

Irem was working on one of their own before they went out of business and were bought out by Tozai.

joeorc2296d ago

in the japanese space i love the irem take on assaulting a fortress and japanese Oni were blocking your way along with undead. and those OGRE's were not happy with those pesky human friends with little toad sticker'

it was quite the fun area to play.

but anyway, we got one now!

joeorc2296d ago

it got slammed so hard durring the demo they have had to fix problems in the server end, because we could not get in after a while so many people trying to get int to play.

it play's very well, you have extensive functions that you would in all likely hood never think that this could be a playstation Home game it's more inline with any advanced function button layout of many MMO's online that's what makes it awsome also the fact that it's free to play. then you can enhance weapons and armor with magic to make them magic items. there is even trading and purchasing system of weapons armor and items. and your avatar is the character with added thing's like skills and levels.