Missing in action: eight Xbox blockbusters that could go next gen

OXM UK lists a few of the more conspicuous absences from Microsoft's E3 showing."

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Chuk52145d ago

Microsoft, where is my f***ing crackdown 3?

Make it an actual sequel this time.

dirthurts2144d ago

Crackdown 2 was pretty disappointing.
The original was super addicting and fun though.
If they do another, they should wait until next gen and do something a bit more impressive.

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Hicken2144d ago

Wow, 8 pages? I keep forgetting not to even click on oxm links.

user54670072144d ago

I know it wrong to think like this but I'm a little glad about Prey 2. Being a massive fan of the first Prey I really wanted a sequel but not in the way Prey 2 was heading which looked like a completly new IP then a Prey sequel.

Maybe in the future if Prey 2 gets given to a different developer or changed they will make it so Tommy is the main character and it will feature the stuff which made the first one the game it was.

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TheRealHeisenberg2144d ago

Why did I go in expecting to see nothing but exclusives? Wishful thinking on my part I guess.