Full AC-130 Battlefield 3 Guide - How it Works

Full Reveal with New details on the AC130 Gunship & Armored Kill DLC. Find out what Aftermath gameplay will look like and more.

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Nitrowolf21992d ago

"As long as your team holds the AC-130 - you can use it as a mobile spawn beacon - Use it tactically to spawn in over bases as it circles the sky - It is on a guided circle formation. You can spawn on it even if people are occupying the gunner seats."

Oh Yes! Epic Skydiving

yarbie10001992d ago

Exactly - Gonna be awesome

Skate-AK1992d ago

So we can't even use a gun in Armored Kill?

Nitrowolf21992d ago

He mis-wrote
it's no NEW Infantry weapons in AK, just NEW Vehicles.

KwietStorm1992d ago

Still a disappointment, but thanks for the clarification. That would have been the dumbest move ever.

wAnxTa1992d ago

no NEW infantry weapons.

SJPFTW1992d ago

if that is true that is really lame. At least give us new Anti-tank rockets + anti-material rifles

Dojan1231992d ago

Could be better if it was not on RAILS.

Pandamobile1992d ago

Not really. I'd rather have it just follow the more realistic circular path than have some idiot piloting it and smash it into the ground.

sourav931992d ago

Gonna be legend-wait for it-dary! Legendary!