Cronus Adapter lets you play Xbox 360 with a PS3 controller and vice versa

Engadget- There's nothing quite so enlightening as a solution to a problem you didn't realize you had. RaptorFire's booth, tucked away in the back corner of the LA Convention Center's South Hall was offering up just that, in form of Cronus, a little USB stick that the company promises will "change how you look at gaming."

While the little USB adapter's functionality isn't quite so grandiose (same goes for the company's assertion that it's "the greatest invention in gaming since the controller"), the peripheral offers up an interesting proposition -- being able to control your Xbox 360 with a PlayStation 3 controller -- and the other way around. Oh, and Wiimotes are in the mix, as well.

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ElementX2177d ago

I'd like to play my PS3 with my 360 controller. The triggers are shaped better, I like the weight of the controller, the way you wrap your fingers around the back, and the indented thumb sticks are more comfortable. The thing I don't like about the 360 controller is the d-pad, which isn't really a problem because I use it very often except item selection in some games.

chukamachine2177d ago

I like the 360 controller, i don't like the way the analogue sticks are placed, dualshock are positioned better. I don't mind weight of either. I do like the triggers on the 360 as well.

bub162177d ago

damnnn i need one of these. all my friends have xbox and i get killed a lot because of the stiff and jump back in to place analogs, not anymore!!!

dubt722177d ago

Hmmm, this might allow me to get a ps3 again...

Hicken2177d ago

So you've been making all these PS3-related comments on current titles, and you don't even have a system?

I suppose this might be good, since I despise the 360 controller. But I wonder if there's any extra level of lag involved...

dubt722177d ago

I guess you missed the "again"

BrutallyBlunt2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Of course he did, he's always too busy being a Sony defending douchebag with nothing better to do.

Hicken also wrote:
"Wait, what? All I own is a PS3 and I think Watch_Dogs looks amazing. I'm excited for it, even if I don't have a PC capable of running it(and probably won't)."

So why are you here?

There are other options out there too that allow you to play whichever of the two controllers so hopefully the fanboys out there can finally give it a rest.

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The story is too old to be commented.