E3 2012: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is More Than Just Slashing (2D-X)

The Platinum Games developed action title has plenty of over-the-top action, but it's more than just slashing. Find out why.

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Bleucrunch2230d ago

Whatever it is...its a no buy for me...Call me when Kojima is actually behind this game...but kudos to those that actually pay for this, more power to you.


He is behind this game, he's the main producer... I believe you mean as director, but quite frankly, there's just one Kojima, and he's simply too busy. Someone quickly clone that guy!

Now seriously, I don't get why everyone acts like this game is a stain on Kojima's legacy... It's not like Konami are forcing this game agaisnt Kojima's will neither the game had gone to Platinum against his wishes.

I mean, you guys know he's not just the director in Kojima Productions... He's more than just part of the board in Konami either. He's the VP of Konami Digital Entertainment, the game publisher branch of Konami Corp, so, as you can imagine, he have a say when Konami decide to fund a game.

In fact, it's Kojima himself that decided to handle the development to Platinum (which was an option from the beggining) when his own team was struggling to combine stealth and hack'n'slash.

Here's a link...

I get that some people are mad because they want more of the main Metal Gear stealth action, but guess what, this is just a spin off, no one is forced to buy it... And it's not even done by Kojima Productions so it's not delaying a possible MGS5 or anything.

Moby-Royale2229d ago

Brilliantly put together argument. I say argument knowing full and well that you weren't looking for a fight.


Not because I agree with you(which I do), but because you didn't come here behaving like a boorish fool simply because you disagreed with him/her.

I'm sure that plenty of other people appreciate that.

Ot:..... uhhh.......





Thanks Moby-Royale, I was going to put in my comment that this was not so much a reply to Streeks1984 as it was a comment on the general negativity around Revengeance. That I was not trying to pick a fight.

Just didn't want to make another wall of text where I loose sight of the matter (god knows I had made many of those).

It's good to see I didn't got a rain of disagrees (so far) over this missing detail and "attacking" what is apparently the opinion of most in N4G.

Coltrane_C2229d ago

I love Metal Gear... I am not a snob where I am not going to take a look at one in the series because Kojima had little influence. Day one purchase for me

h311rais3r2229d ago

Hopefully this can fill the void that ng3 left in my heart. :,(