Zelda Informer: New Super Mario Bros. U Impressions

Zelda Informer writes: "New Super Mario Bros. U is the freshest look we’ve seen at the Mushroom Kingdom since Super Mario Bros. 3. Sure, you have the same basic level themes, like the grassy fields and hills, the lush forests, and the snowy mountain peaks, but there’s so much more love in every environment that I can’t help but smile. Super Mario Bros. is back, baby. It’s finally back."

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Bleucrunch2052d ago

As much as I love Mario...All I want to know is, Is the WiiU suppose to be a Next Gen console...and if so then doesnt this look like a next gen title?

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ChickeyCantor2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Don't think it's suppose to show off any thing.
It's a mario game. It's suppose to attract fans of it. If they went 8-bit they would actually love it more...crazy isn't it. xD

However they did introduce the messaging system.

Bleucrunch2051d ago

fair enough...I guess I was expecting too much...maybe expecting a Open World High Definition Mario a true Super Mario "WORLD" if you get what I am saying.

eagle212051d ago

It's called a launch title and a damn fine one at that. I can see Nintendo pricing this accordingly, say $49. I'm buying it day 1.

NYC_Gamer2051d ago

Mario Wii-U is supposed to show off the console not look like it's some HD version of the Wii/3DS version

Bleucrunch2051d ago

eagle I am a Mario fan and of course people will love and by this game...but I was just asking that question of this console is suppose to be next gen and it is also a launch title shouldn't it be taking advantage of EVERYTHING the console can do...especially since this is Nintendo's flagship game??

live2play2050d ago

streeks i understand what you mean about not looking ''next gen''

but undersrand that nintendo shows off their consoles capabilities with a 3D MARIO GAME
examples mario 64, sunshine, galaxy
this is a 2D mario that is in HD (never has been before)

and since when do launch titles ''show off'' the systems power?

compare uncharted 1 to uncharted 3 and last of us? same system BIG DIFFERENCE

super mario bros 1 and super mario bros 3. same system BIG DIFFERENCE

mario U will look great no doubt about it

Bleucrunch2050d ago

no it looks really good that is not the argument but they are trying to hit the core gamers as well Reggie made that clear so I thought they would try out a Mario game that would show the core gamers that we should get a WiiU.

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mike1up2051d ago

I expected more graphic-wise, however, I am so excited about the "Super Mario World-like" overworld map. Imo this could mean a very massive world, complete with a ton of alternate paths.


live2play2050d ago

leave the ''showing off'' wii u's capabilities to a MARIO U like
super mario 64
galaxy type of game

what is next gen of this mario is the high defenition