GameInformer- Unveiling The Mystery Of Ubisoft's New Franchise Watchdogs

GameInformer- Ubisoft managed one of the biggest surprises of E3 with its reveal of Watch Dogs. But what is this strange new franchise? We quizzed the game's producer to find out the answers.

"We've been working over two years on this in secret," explains Ubisoft producer Dominic Guay. "So now that we're finally able to talk about it, we're really happy the reaction has been so good." In an E3 year that is being noted for its lack of as many major announcements, Watch Dogs stands out as a fundamentally new IP amid dozens of previously announced sequels. Even so, after an extended demo at the Ubisoft press conference, most gamers don't completely understand what the game is about.

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ARC35822262d ago

Wow, this is easily the most interesting new game I've seen in ages. Can't wait to hear more. Especially want to hear about this mysterious "multiplayer in your singleplayer" deal.

h311rais3r2262d ago

Omg. If a player wa the high value target and the hacker had to hack everything possible to make the hit and escape! It would be amazing.