"Dragon Ball Z for Kinect" E3 Trailer

Practice your posing, your yelling, and your ability to suppress any tendency toward self-consciousness, because there's a city-cracking new trailer for the motion-controlled Dragon Ball Z for Kinect out of E3.

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Abash2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Why is this shovelware getting so many previews, just because it's DBZ? It's just "On-rails experience #156" on Kinect.

I hope next gen DBZ games return to their former greatness, but I will not be buying this Kinect game

Shadonic2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I love kinect but even i dont want this it just looks crappy and even if it didint have kinect it would just be ultimate tenkaichi all over again with its tic tac toe gameplay. This is all bad game design >.> on the developers part

Canas20102148d ago

My Body Is Ready, and my power lever is well over 9,000! I would at least like to try this game at my in-laws house. I personally don't have kinect so....

Moby-Royale2148d ago

*checks scouter*

Over nine thousand?! This damn thing must be busted!

*throws scouter on the ground*

trickman8882148d ago

Just bring out an hd collection with Budokai 3, Tenkaichi 3, Infinite World, and/or Super Dbz. With online play. Instead of putting out these horrible games. First it was with Ultimate Tenkaichi. Now this? Oh god.

sloth33952148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

looks like and old PS2 eyetoy game with the way you control it

SnakeShady2148d ago

It almost looks like a joke.

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