Dawnguard: Plan of Attack

Patrick of - "Personally, I think I am going to side with the Dawnguard. My main character is already a werewolf, which negates the possibility of me becoming a vampire without curing it. I enjoy playing a wolf, it suits my juggernaut approach to combat perfectly."

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Leeta2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I find it really hard to play Wearwolf on Master Difficulty, Im level 67 on the PS3 at the moment and been on master setting since level 50. The damage is fine on it, its the defence that sucks, bascicaly gets almost 1 shotted on master setting with no armor on.

So I hope wearwolf has some defensive perks available. Vampire lord looks fun though, but I dont like the idea of the entire skyrim being in an eternal night-time at the end of the questline, I like the daytime graphics best.

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