PathEngine Announces SDK Release 5.3, New Licensing

PathEngine announces the availability of release 5.30.00 of their pathfinding SDK.

The new release adds some important new functionality, including pathfinding space optimisations to split boundaries out of the core pathfinding space and significantly reduce the complexity of pathfinding related operations. Since our last public release we are also pleased to announce SDK licensing to TN Soft (for 'Project R'), Eyedentity Games (for 'Dungeon Striker', and another unannounced title), Reloaded Studios (for 'The Day'), Smilegate and IK Games, and for two additional titles at ZootFly, as well as sponsorship of the Game/AI conference in Vienna in September.

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Kurylo3d2234d ago

who gives a shit. Thanks for the lame ass article lol.

guitarse2234d ago

Developers, people interested in game engines and things that go on behind the scenes, but yeah your right, for everyone else, this article is a bit dull :-p

Kurylo3d2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

i am a developer and even I think its dull. An AI engine that does nothing special... "yay" lol.
All the major engines have their own form of ai already anyway.

guitarse2234d ago

Ah right, you see I'm not a dev, but I hope it was informative to someone :)

...anyone? no... lol, ah well.