Does Agni's Philosophy Point Towards That FFVII Remake?

TGH writes "Though the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII passed this January which would have been the perfect time for the announcement of such a project, we can still hold onto the potential teases coming from Square Enix’s recent job listings"

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ShadyDevil1995d ago

I voted no way since it was just a tech demo and it can be used for a variety of upcoming Square-Enix titles.

Tastynoodle1995d ago

Thanks for the input :)

Just a couple of little things there that sparked the idea in my head.

gaffyh1995d ago

Square Enix did a FF7 tech demo for the PS3, and we still don't have a remake. So I doubt Agni's Philosophy has anything to do with it.

INehalemEXI1995d ago

hmmm. They will deliver it sure takes forever though.

The Great Melon1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Rather than Final Fantasy VII I would prefer to see elements of Agni's Philosophy turned into a Final Fantasy. Modern day weaponry + Magic and visceral potions were some of highlights for me. It would be interesting to see Final Fantasy that is also somewhat grounded in reality.

Cennus1995d ago

If anything it's Final Fantasy XV.

Lucretia1995d ago

seriously people are desperate.

i want it also but really, ya don't have to read so far into everything where ya start imagining things lol

Hicken1995d ago

So far, I've been against them remaking VII for various reasons.

But screw it. Give em what they want, Square-Enix. Then watch em complain as what they want winds up not being what they want.

pandehz1995d ago

Yay its gonna be on pc

Tastynoodle1995d ago

I still see the chance of that being very slim. I still really want XIII - XII-2 on there :(

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