Following SWTOR's Struggle to Remain Relevant

GamersNexus: "At the end of 2011's December, Bioware released their long-awaited addition to the MMORPG world with Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). In addition to the usual MMO elements we've come to expect in these games, Bioware promised heavy focus on "the 4th Pillar" in MMOs: Story. Backed with EA's financial strength and Bioware's undoubted talent at bringing in-depth and personal storylines to their players, SWTOR was gearing up to look like an attractive proposition. It has now been five full months since release - so how well has Bioware delivered on their promises? And perhaps more pertinently, how well has TOR lived up to the massive (and dangerous) hype prior to launch?"

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RedDead2297d ago

Go F2P. OR go cheap to play

zeal0us2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

They are doing limited f2p up to lv15. That might lure a few people in but I doubt it will lure in a lot of people.

Add a micro transaction system(the non-p2w kind) go F2P and just require people to buy the game like NCsoft does with GW. Doing something like this will definitely lure more people but unless these guys are pushing out content, to lure more players and keep the players the already got, it will do them any good going F2P.