5 Ways We Know Nintendo Has Lost Its Mind

I don't get as worked up about video games these days, now that I can afford to simply pay a real Italian man to fight a gorilla in my yard. And I honestly didn't want to write another gaming article, because I've done two in the past three weeks. But just as I was all set to bust out a 3,000-word Adventure Time erotic fanfic, Nintendo showed up at E3 and cock-punched the entire planet with stupid.

I don't have anything at stake here -- the odds were low I was ever going to buy their next game console. But I am mesmerized by ridiculous disasters, and this is a company that, with the release of their Wii U system, is orchestrating one of the all-time greats.

by John Cheese

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ChickeyCantor2263d ago

"Or how about padding the difficulty by forcing you to take your eyes completely off of the game while you try to enter numbers into a keypad in order to get a door open? Don't worry, they have that covered!

Completely missed the point there.
The idea is that you need to check both ways to ensure a zombie isn't close/nearing to you. As you would in an actual situation.
Might not be your cup of tea, but implying it's a bad design is just downright wrong.

MySwordIsHeavenly2262d ago

You missed the rest of that portion then.

Shadow Flare2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

No, it's actually a brilliant point. Like the article said, it's a case of "We've given you this controller and damn it, you're gonna use it".

Why can't you enter the keypad on the tv screen? The camera could just zoom in full screen on the keypad so you have to look left and right before using the keypad. But no, THIS is innovation dammit!!! Having to look on a separate screen adds a new element of gameplay!!!!

No it doesn't.

And then in batman, to change weapon, the old process of pressing one button on the controller is just not innovative enough!!! So they've now incorporated the gamepad so you have to look down at the gamepad and select your weapon, and then look back to the tv. At which point you've died.

And then super mario bros U. The gamepad is there so the player can put blocks down for others to jump on.

..................sigh....... ....

I've seriously seen very very little point to the gamepad so far. Most of it's usage so far seems to be doing functions that we used to do perfectly fine (and better) on the same tv screen with a normal controller.


Oh and the miiverse looks hilarious. He's spot on about receiving messages ALL of the time and how annoying that would be. It's a great article and the Wii U so far looks like a joke.

I highly recommend reading the article. It's brilliant.

ChickeyCantor2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"You missed the rest of that portion then."

No what it comes down to is him saying that it's a bad design. Which I do not agree with. You may say it's stupid, but that doesn't make it stupid.

There are tons of ideas that are simply badly designed. I just don't think this is one of them.

"Why can't you enter the keypad on the tv screen?"

Because it's more intuitive to just press the num-pad than to do with a controller where you have to select the keys first, then press a button. Time is lost as those bastards near you.

"But no, THIS is innovation dammit!!! Having to look on a separate screen adds a new element of gameplay!!!!

No it doesn't. "

No having you look as you would have in a real situation adds value to the experience. Might not be your cup of tea. But please don't give me that ignorant nonsense.

Shadow Flare2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"No having you look as you would have in a real situation adds value to the experience. Might not be your cup of tea. But please don't give me that ignorant nonsense."

Actually using the same tv to then display the keypad full screen would be the more realistic situation. When I'm at work and I have to go through a security door, I don't whip out my phone to press a keypad sequence to unlock the door, whilst looking over my shoulder to see if the boss is behind me.

That keypad sequence is one of many instances of gameplay that could easily have been done on the same tv screen. But it's using the gamepad for the sake of using it, and it adds very little to the experience.

Compare that with how Sony is using the vita with the ps3 in LBP2. The combination of both allows you to create levels on the vita which you can then switch to the ps3, carry on creating and then play. And then you can play the ps3 version while using the vita as a controller. And then you can put it back on the vita and edit the level, and so forth.

That is actually genius and that one use of the vita and ps3 I'm pretty sure will be better then anything nintendo show with their gamepad, ever. It's certainly a better use then playing batman and *pause game*...... *look down*................ *switch weapon*..... *look up*........ *unpause game*

Mostly everything I've seen so far of the Wii U has been a gimmick

BrutallyBlunt2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

So why aren't you commenting about Vita and its gimmicks? Have you played games on Vita and how you take your hands away from the sticks to touch the screen and vice-versa? It's the same gimmick is it not?

My how we roam around N4G being biased all day long don't we? How you've managed 7 bubbles is beyond me other than N4G consist of other like-minded members who are also biased in favor of Sony.

Kinect is a huge gimmick as well, even the new Joyride uses regular controls instead of Kinect. It's called a learning curve, some games work well with these new devices (like Dance Central) and others don't. Games made from the ground up to take advantage of the device will always work best. So it is far too early to see how immersive Wii U games may actually be. So save the rhetoric and pessimism unless you plan on using those same standards towards everyone.

Shadow Flare2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

I've only just realised you made that comment Levelhead. And I only realised you was talking about me because I took a glance down your comment history, saw this comment and saw the bit about 'how you have 7 bubbles'. I do don't I. Cheers.

Considering how insanely angry you were the other day that you sent me 3 pm's, I'm guessing that anger spilled out into this little rant too. I wonder how many more comments of mine you rant replied to.

Just to touch on your comment though, I think playing basically 2 consoles at once is stupid. Cos that's basically what Wii u is. I have a vita, and touch controls are just additional controls, focused on one device. And if you've played the LBP vita beta, you'll see that the touch controls front and rear, and motion sensor are all used brilliantly in the game, and the community will use them brilliantly. FIFA 12 also uses the rear touch pad in a way nothing short of genius. So gimmick, they are not, because they've been used very, very well. Focusing on 2 separate devices is a mess and ive seen little point to it so far. And I don't just reserve criticism for the Wii U. In the past I've done it to kinect and to move too. And the ps3's web browser. And ps3 home.

What you thought I never criticise playstation? Maybe that's why I have 7 bubbles, I dunno. Maybe I try to put across an interesting point, and maybe some liked it.

Who really cares

BrutallyBlunt2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

In other words you're biased to the core. If you don't think Vita can also be viewed as a gimmick you've missed the point yet again. Playing a game like Resistance and having the player take their hands off of the sticks then to the touch screen, back and forth, is a gimmick in itself.

As for having 7 bubbles for not criticizing Playstation speaks volumes around here. Just goes to show how much of a lemming you truly are. One day the people at Sony will think highly of you for all that you do for them. I'm not so easily persuaded and don't see forums as a place i need to adapt to the community. Just because this site favors heavily towards Sony doesn't mean i too need to be a lemming and write in such a biased position as you.

From ShadowFlare:
"360 must be the first games console to have less disc space then it's previous iteration. And the hard drive isn't standard like its previous model. Combined with the atrocious hardware reliability, 360 is about as well designed as a chocolate teapot"

You seem to have no hesitation criticizing other systems. So tell me again how you have 7 bubbles for not criticizing the Playstation 3 and how this site caters to folks like you.

No, i'm not going to follow you around showing how biased you are. It would take too much time and there really is no point. Not here where people like you outnumber the non-biased people 5to1.

Shadow Flare2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Bitter, bitter man. Theres something wrong with you that you've read so many of my comments. I seem to recall that comment you quoted going back months. How many have you read?? Obsessed much?

Why do you care so much about a person who likes Sony? Lots of people like Sony, or nintendo, or Microsoft. It's a preference. I'm not blind to sonys faults and I bring them up from time to time. But I'm a Sony fan, so clearly I'll appreciate more of what they do, and less of what the others do. If I liked what the others did too, I'd be a fan of them too. But I dont really like how nintendo and Microsoft handle their games business. Yet I still will bring things I like about them sometimes, such as pikmin 3. I'm a big pikmin fan. And I quite like halo too. I spent many hours playing halo online.

I'm just a fan who puts out points. And I'm level headed enough to not take the bleeding Internet so seriously that I can't pop a sly dig in from time to time. Who cares. It's a joke. Learn not to take the Internet so seriously and you won't get so insanely angry like you was. Get your priorities straight. The Internet doesn't matter. Levelheaded? Maybe I'm more level headed. It's the internet. Who loses sleep over a crappy argument on teh internetz. I'll write what I want, and I feel what I write is fine.

I'm going to do you a favour now. If you really can't stand me, there's a button next to my name. Click it and block me. And forget this. I may not care about the Internet but I just want to part on good terms. We're different with different opinions. Can't accept that? Please block me.

BrutallyBlunt2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I don't block people, i feel that is cowardly unless a person is being too vulgar or really has nothing to say. I'm not saying you don't have any merit, all i am saying is don't contradict yourself and act like you're spoofing me.

It's all good from my end, why would i have personal issues that i take outside of this place? I am a gamer first and foremost. I see good in all the companies and think it's silly to cheerlead a certain company and act arrogant about it like i had anything to do with how they run their business. If i choose to buy their products it ends there.

What people like yourself fail to grasp is you treat these companies as a whole. So if Sony has a few more exclusives and listens more to the needs of their 'core' gamers you will then become biased and start picking at games that could be awfully familiar to Sony IP's. An example would be Forza. I think Forza and Gran Turismo are both great products. You would lean more towards GT because you will go in with a biased opinion from the start. Which means a game like Forza will have to do a lot more to please you. That's additional pressure all due to that series falling under the umbrella of being owned or run by Microsoft. I can enjoy (and pick faults) based on each games merits. Not whatever game is exclusive to a platform i enjoy more. I can enjoy Gran Turismo, not because it's an exclusive to the Playstation but because it's a good game. Same with Forza. If by some miracle Gran Turismo ever came out on the XBOX oh well, i would simply buy it on the XBOX system. It's about the games and the experience we get from those games, not whether Sony or Microsoft cheats on their taxes or if one company doesn't represent 'core' gamers as much. Each game should be validated one at a time, not who they work for.

Do you see what i'm getting at? So be a gamer, not a fanboy.

Shadow Flare2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Actually, Dan Greenwalt of Turn 10 (forza) consistently talked shit about gran turismo and polyphony. He said quite disrespectful things actually, and I felt polyphony and GT deserved a lot of defending. And I've been with n4g since it launched and at the beginning, it was completely and utterly over run by 360 fanboys. And again, as a Sony fan, I truly felt that Sony and ps3 needed some deserved defending. Because it was really unjustified. And i cant help but defend something I like, whether it's games or sports or friends or whatever.

I don't think you get the point of being a fan. I'll say it for the last time, cos I'm finishing this debate now. I enjoy certain aspects of Microsoft and nintendo. But I like more aspects of sony and I really like how they treat there gamers, through hardware and software. Sony has earned my respect over 15 years because they've delivered me a fantastic gaming experience. And I don't feel nintendo or Microsoft have catered to my needs as well, for what I like as a gamer. Because I simply don't like a lot of what they offer their gamers.

I'm a Sony fan. And I'm ending this now, because I want to move on, cos you don't understand what I'm saying. And you probably feel I don't understand what you're saying. I want to finish this and just agree that we simply have different opinions, and there's nothing wrong with that.

And if you're not going to block me, don't pm again and get up in my face. Because I won't read it. We're different and we have different views and look at gaming in different ways. I'm fine with both views.

I'm done.


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--Onilink--2262d ago

I feel bad for giving this guy a hit.... What a terrible article

shackdaddy2262d ago

You can make it up by rating the story quality as "WTF?" and say "No" to "Like this website?"

MySwordIsHeavenly2262d ago

Great article. :) Not sure why everyone else hates it...

Lord_Sloth2262d ago

Because even when Nintendo f***s up nobody's allowed to talk about it. It's like Nintendo has a free pass with infinite uses.

XboxInnovation2262d ago

Wii u is set to be the next dreamcast. Unwanted technology at a bad time

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