No English Dub for One Piece: Pirate Warriors

It's been confirmed the game will be in Japanese only for the USA and Europe.

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tayz2018d ago

i got the Japanese version. i wish they did worldwide release so i could get it with subs.

Yi-Long2018d ago

... aren't interested in an english dub anyway.

Original voices should always be included, so this is good news.

tayz2018d ago

ur right...the ap voices are much better but i wanted subs not the dub. worldwide release should have had eng subs!!

GraveLord2018d ago

Oh. LOL.
In this case I'm definitely not buying it.

The digital only release was Strike 1.
The no english dub part is 2 strikes in itself.

SeanScythe2018d ago

Then you aren't a fan of the show so big deal.

mttrackmaster382018d ago

He's not a fan of the show because he likes the english dub? Such ridiculous logic you're using.

Game4life2018d ago

i dont mind. the subs are awesome anyway.

sypher2018d ago

Thank god. Absolutely cant stand the dub (only so much 'Zolo' a man can take)

Infernostew2018d ago

The funimation dub is actually really well done and they dropped that Zolo crap years ago. Where have you been?

sypher2017d ago

Been watching the original subbed version with japanese voices. Not sure why in the world anyone would suffer through a dub. Just tewwible

TheColbertinator2018d ago

Developers should include both languages but I'm guessing most One Piece fans won't mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.