The Elder Scrolls Online preview - Just another MMO (Gamesradar)

Gamesradar had high hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online when it was revealed that Zenimax would be bringing the popular franchise online, but after seeing it in action they've scaled back their expectations a good bit...

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Lord_Sloth2202d ago

I just wanted the ability to invite a single friend into my Skyrim game. I didn't want WoW in Tamriel.

Lelldorianx2202d ago

Much agreed. I wanted a professional implementation of the multiplayer mods that have been released for Oblivion and Skyrim -- if a modder can make it happen to some limited extent, surely the developers could implement it more cleanly.

I suppose that's what that whole "Hunted: Demon's Forge" was supposed to be. Wait, what's that? No one remembers it?


Lord_Sloth2202d ago

*screams in agony*


*curls up in corner in fright*

user54670072202d ago

Well I hope Elder Scrolls never gets co-op or any sort of multiplayer

It's a single player game, enjoy it the way it is

Can you honestly imagine the bugs for co-op/online on top of the ones they have for the single player. They would focus too much on the development of the online/co-op (it's not as easy as everyone thinks it is) and then after launch they would focus way too much on the co-op/online bugs leaving the single player ones un fixed for a long period of time

Bethesda have even said too much time would go into those features and would ruin the single player...would you really want that to happen to an Elder Scrolls game just so you can show off to your friend for a couple of weeks.

Lord_Sloth2202d ago

The game's already a glitch ridden mess with dull ass combat! Online co-op wouldn't ruin the game as much as most people seem to believe it would. If you like single player, good for you. Play it single player.

Also, I wouldn't be showing off to them for a couple of weeks. We'd probably build up mages and terrorize a city for a good long while.

Drake1172202d ago

A single player ES game this is not, but that doesn't mean it will be a bad mmo at all. From what it sounds like, this game is taking every best feature from all the mmos out there to make one very good mmo. Swtor's niche was that it had story telling and voice acting, Tera's niche is that it has action oriented reactive combat, GW2's niche is that it has an innovative quest design and group make ups. Well this has all of it. I swear if this game didn't have the ES name in it then ppl would be calling it the next greatest mmo. PPl should just accept this game for what it is and play Skyrim morrowind or oblivion if they want the ES single player experience.