Firefall (PvE) – Watcha Playin’?

Watcha Playin’? is a FreeMMOStation show featuring free-to-play MMO games with commentary. This time it's the PvE of cel-shaded multiplayer online third-person / first-person shooter Firefall.

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ATi_Elite2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I'm playing the SHhhh outta the Beta.

This game looks great and plays even better.

The Devs are online playing and asking questions all the time. It's shaping up to be a "Gamers Game" cause Red 5 is taking in so much input and applying it to the game.

Thanks Red 5 for a great product.

alexkayl2143d ago

It's shaping up to be one of the finest free-to-play games, with good production values and a dedicated team. Let's hope it's well balanced and not ruined by the cash shop.

ATi_Elite2143d ago

You know what if I'm spending money on a game i want a clear advantage over those NOT spending money.

So therefore let the "Free Loaders" play against other Free Loaders and let those who spend money play against other paying customers.

Your basic Free gun should NOT be on the same level as something i have moodded to the hilt.

seriously if your standing there with a Makarov and I got a laser pointed Rex with high impact ammo then forgetaboutit! I better kill you every time unless i cant aim or you get the jump on me.

konnerbllb2143d ago

Pay to win games are dumb.

alexkayl2143d ago

I actually see your point and agree with you there, ATI_Elite. As long as the matchmaking is balanced, I see no problem there.