Five Reasons the Wii U Will Satisfy on Launch

BNR: Unless you haven’t been paying much attention to gaming hardware over the last few months, you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Wii U. I believe that the console may have an incredible launch. Do I know how well it well sell? Nope. I haven’t a clue. But will it be worth buying upon launch? Yes, I do- here are five reasons why.

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live2play2298d ago

its funny (idiotic) that people believe because the conference was bad, all the games and the wiiu are bad

i mean cmon,

pikmin 3
rayma legends
super mario bros
zombie u
lego city

they all look like great fun

Jourdy2882298d ago

Yeah, Pikmin 3 looks awesome! And Nintendo neglected to mention that the criminally underrated Pikmin 2 is getting a re-release for the Wii.
The Wii U is back compatible with Wii games.

Hisiru2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I am going to buy a black WiiU + black Pro Controller with:
-Pikmin 3
-Lego City
-Super Mario (not sure yet)
-Rayman Legends
-Batman Arkham City (I am buying it because it will include all the DLCs and I had to sell my PS3 version)
-Fifa 13 (already confirmed)

See? 7 titles for my WiiU already. I don't think it's bad (but I have to agree that the conference was very disappointing)

I hope we will see trophies/achievements on WiiU (yes, I know it was confirmed at the Nintendo's roundtable but I need more info about it, not sure yet if it's what I want).

Now I need money. Thank god I will have a new job.

I am still thinking about:
-Ghost Recon Online
-Assassin’s Creed 3
-Aliens: Colonial Marines
-Darksiders 2

Probably going to pick up Aliens.

Moncole2298d ago

Scribblenauts also looks great.

gaffyh2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

The conference was bad for any core gamer imo, and those that argue otherwise are blinded by fanboyism. For example, Nintendo claimed last year this console was for the core gamer. Yet they showed 2 or 3 new core games for the console (Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Super Mario).

Everything else was an "enhanced" port, which NO core gamer will buy. Who in the hell wants to play Batman Arkham City again with gimmicky additions? I'm sure there will be some people, but it's just stupid to release old games on a system, and expect sales to be fantastic. Same can be said about Mass Effect 3. The reason why this is an issue is that people who got frustrated owning only a Wii already bought a PS3 or Xbox 360 or PC to play this gen's third party games a couple of years ago.

I can't imagine ANYONE who has only bought a Wii this gen, and can't wait to buy a Wii U for OLD core games. Also Rayman Legends is multiplat I believe.

What's worse is that they had some better games on the show floor, such as gameplay for AC3 on the Wii U and a Platinum Games title, yet left that out of the conference to focus on games that, let's be honest, are not graphically amazing in any way and could easily be done on the Wii.

Hisiru2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

We are not talking about the E3 press conference, we are talking about launch titles and games for the WiiU. we all know Nintendo delivered a really bad press conference (nobody is blind here).

I don't know about you, but I no longer have my PS3 version of Batman Arkham City and I will buy it for the WiiU because it will include all DLCs. As for Mass Effect 3, I have to agree. They aren't even releasing ME2 for the WiiU... ME3 is the worst in the series (IMO) and you won't be able to play ME2, which is sad.

Overall, I have a pretty decent list of games to buy (I will just paste what I said before):
-Pikmin 3
-Lego City
-Super Mario (not sure yet)
-Rayman Legends
-Batman Arkham City (
-Fifa 13 (already confirmed)

I am still thinking about:
-Ghost Recon Online
-Assassin’s Creed 3
-Aliens: Colonial Marines (probably going to buy it)
-Darksiders 2

Also, Rayman Legends is an exclusive game for the WiiU, it's not multiplatform. Youre probably thinking about Rayman Origins (which is a different game).

gaffyh2297d ago

@Hisiru - CaCl was talking about the conference.

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Tonester9252298d ago

The thing that scares me with the Wii U coming into the more advanced hardware/software with their games and system is the fact that many games this gen get released unfinished.

I don't think that the Wii developers were able to patch their games after release, therefore more complete games with minimal glitches.

Now, with more technical developers and money hungry publishers jumping onto the Wii U train, will this lead to unfinished games and overpriced DLC?

MEsoJD2298d ago

They failed to garner interest from the majority hardcore in my opinion. If one of the purposes of their conference was to convince the 360/PS3/PC players that they are missing out, they failed. Even neglecting to mentioning heavily anticipated games was a very bad decision. Just mentioning that they were working on the next Smash Bros, Star Fox, revamp network store, and etc... Would have people excited and speculate. Very little incentive for me to make the plunge right now. Even original third party support is worrying. Lastly the tablet controller seems to be to take away from the immersion(distracting).

Grimhammer002298d ago

For casuals.
Ninny have made is crystal that they are for everyone - but very little for hardcore gamers.

If this gen has shown....the BIG genre you must have titles for is fps. Fact. (unless as stated you don't care about adult hardcore gamers)

So Ninny fail.

Google WiiU pad battery charge time vs use.
All the proof you need.

Hisiru2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Well, if ZombiU isn't hardcore for you, I don't even know what "hardcore" means anymore.

But it's not about hardcore or mature games, it's about quality games. If they can deliver a good Pikmin experience, than I will have fun (most important factor in gaming).

MrMister2298d ago

ZombiU is just ONE game. Plus, Ubisoft claimed at E3 that ZombiU might come to other systems (think: Microsofts smartglass). Plus PS3 and PS4 are getting MORE hardcore games like Lost of US, Beyond: Two Souls, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, etc in just the next 6 months. So, i'm not bashing the Wii-U, but the argument that ONE untested game (ZombiU) is enough to make gamer's believe that the Wii-U is a hardcore system, is a preposterous notion indeed. The E3 presentation showed games that were so childish in nature, that i can't even imagine a 10 year being able to stomach it, let alone an open-minded adult.

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Jourdy2882298d ago

I think the idea of "hardcore" gaming is foolish. Do I enjoy serious games? Yeah! Do I enjoy serious movies? Yeah!
Do I enjoy lighthearted comedies? Believe it, pal.
If you think games with guns are for "big boys" like yourself, it's about time your grew up and realized that a game doesn't have to be about blowing things up to be serious.
Has Michael Bay directed any movies worth remembering?
Has Scorsesee directed any movies worth remembering?

capjacksparrow2298d ago

I didn't even catch how much the Wii U will be. Was it $399?

frankiebeans2298d ago

didn't say price or date.

frankiebeans2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I buy nintendo systems for Zelda and SmashBros..... so anyway this was the worst press conference I have ever seen and what makes it worse is that they had the wii u but nothing to show they had this e3 in their pocket and just let in fail miserably so as of right now no wii u for me until i see something worth playing on that system.

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Kos-Mos2298d ago

I`ll pre-order when it`s available. Nintendo have never disappointed me when it comes to fun.

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