Review: Game of Thrones - - "I love Game Of Thrones. I love the books, with their mammoth, sprawling story. I love the show, which is, to my money, the best thing on TV right now. I love little Tyrion Lannister, with his razor sharp wit and black sense of humour. I love The Wall, I love the dire wolves, I love the Kingslayer and I even love grim old Stannis Baratheon. Surely I should love the game as well? Sadly, every family has a black sheep, and Game Of Thrones is no exception."

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Moby-Royale2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I was going to grab this on release and play it on Sundays before or after the new episode aired.

Now.... I will buy it when season three comes around. It actually works out for the better because I'll not only save a lot of cheddar, but I'll have ten full Sundays to beat it in.

But, by the gods on twincest I was hoping this game would be better. Though I am still looking forward to playing it next year.

Edit:(ed) for a typographical error yo. ;)