Is E3 for Gamers or Investors?

"With the main presentations behind us and the E3 convention starting to wrap up, we’re left with weeks’ worth of news to sort through and—at least, personally—a residual disappointment in the ‘new’ things revealed and the convention as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of exciting things, and some of the conventions did keep me interested. But there’s a startling trend I’ve noticed as the years go by and E3 continues to roll around—the convention is focusing less and less on gamers, and more and more on investors."

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zeal0us2235d ago

Obviously its for both gamers and investors.

Gamers being the consumer that buys the products.

Investors who are funding the companies that are presenting games.

TheGameFoxJTV2235d ago

I say investors. They have all year to convince us to buy games. They want the investors first.

2234d ago
Tapioca Cold2234d ago

Both. That's why we see awesome stuff like Last of Us, GOW and Watch Dogs etc. and boring stuff like MS glass whatever and wonderbook.

Oh, but E3 is not for those sissies at What a bunch Apple nuthugging idiots and mobile morons they are.

Stick to the Apple press conferences ladies. Leave the gaming to us gamers.

morkendo232234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

ya, gotta be Nuts to think outside of investors we're just guniepigs for them. thats how it go to know what sale good or not.

SKUD2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Good read. There's always been a hint of investor crap from past E3's but it was still mainly about games. The more alarming trend here is there "all for one approach". Its really sad to see the big three trying to be same in terms of balancing out title offerings for hardcore and casual gamers. They will never get it right. Very painful to watch.

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