MOGA controller promises console-quality gaming on Android devices

With the popularity of mobile devices on the rise, video game companies are looking for new ways to bring console-quality experiences to smartphones and tablets. GamesBeat's Stefanie Fogel talks to gaming peripheral company PowerA about their new MOGA controller.

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roblef2234d ago

looks a little wacky, but could be a cool addition. I wish iOS had something like this.

DivineAssault 2234d ago

ehh maybe in a few years games will be worth it but i dont wanna carry that around for dreamcast style games in high res

KiLLeRCLaM2234d ago

This is never gonna make it...

cheetorb2234d ago

Sorry but I simply don't find phone games that engaging. Maybe it has something to do with the tiny screen. Maybe I just like my big screen and surround sound WAY too much.

deantak2233d ago

if you like heavy phones....