E3 2012: Nintendo Repeating Past Mistakes?

Michael Revis writes:"So Nintendo’s conference has finally come and gone. The Nerd Reactor guys were in attendance and we all pretty much had the exact same reaction when the show finished. As we were all being ushered out of the Nokia Theater, all we could think was:

'What the f*ck did we just watch?'"

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Nugan2231d ago

You can't really call a strategy that kept Wiis sold out for two years following its release a "mistake."

A mistake would be something like releasing the 3DS with a $250 price tag and then botching the advertising campaign.

You could say that Nintendo showed a troubling level of complacency at E3, especially for a company that is struggling in a way that it wasn't a couple of years ago, but you really can't say they're repeating a mistake.

eagle212231d ago

The most promise lies in what we want most: the games. I've read glowing previews for New Super Mario Bros. U for example. I thought, did we really think Nintendo is going to leave us grasping for quality WiiU software at launch? Of course not. The overworld map for NSMBU recalls Mario World and we all remember the secret exits and paths in that game. I have total faith in the launch software and WiiU hardware. The Gamepad is getting awesome previews as well. Even third party games are looking real good running on WiiU so early in it's existence (AC3 really does). Keep some optimism because the games are coming. Focus attention on seeing how the launch software is playing.